Another round of account sweeping, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled


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Recently, Amazon started a new round of number scanning, and carried out a second trial on a number of sellers' stores.

In some investment groups, many sellers groan.

Another round of account cleaning at Seagoing News, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

A seller'sMore than 20 accounts in North America were suddenly disabled.Before the deactivation, the seller did not receive any warning from Amazon, and the seller believed that there was no illegal operation before.

Another seller said that in one morning, all 10 stores were closed.

The sellers feedback that these account registration links are "clean", self registered, not purchased from the service provider, and the accounts have passed the postcard verification. However, in the end, it was impossible to escape the fate of being sealed.

A Shenzhen seller gave feedback,I have hundreds of accounts,Although there has not been any illegal operation beyond multiple accounts, we are already trembling.

To sum up, this seal has several characteristics:

1、 After a batch of new accounts were registered and activated, they were immediately subject to the second trial;

2、 After a batch of accounts have been operated for a period of time, they suddenly encounter a second instance in the process of operation;

3、 A large number of US local accounts have also been blocked.

According to the experience of many sellers, the local account is relatively secure. However, during the process of the number closure, both the American individual account and the company account triggered the second trial, which requires video authentication.

These accounts were registered from September to October, have not been suspended, have been in operation, and are now disabled.

It is worth noting that many sellers received second instance emails,The seller was not prompted to provide water and electricity account information, which is somewhat different from the previous second instance email.

Many sellers believe that a new round of second instance has gone in the direction of video authentication. Accounts without video verification will trigger the second trial, which is not easy. In the next second instance, almost all accounts may require video authentication.

Some sellers recognize this trend,Even take the initiative to trigger video audit,The audit shall be completed in advance to avoid unnecessary losses in the future operation process, especially in the peak season.

An industry insider believed that more and more accounts were active on the Amazon platform, which triggered a fierce vicious price war. If it is a normal price war, Amazon is allowed, or even welcome. However, a large number of sellers have easily registered more than ten or even dozens of hundreds of stores, leading to the entire ecosystem bloated and deteriorated, which Amazon does not want to see.

Therefore, in the next time, Amazon is likely to eliminate some accounts through video authentication. Because video authentication requires legal persons to appear on the screen, a large number of "service provider accounts" without legal persons' cooperation can be uncovered and sealed off.

This is consistent with Amazon's principle of "one account for one seller".

Another round of account sweeping at sea, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

❑ Arrested after submitting false certificates for video authentication

As early as March and April this year, the seller needed to receive an email notification of video certification. Some sellers have too many accounts to pass the normal video verification, so they have taken some tricks to try to pass the authentication with fake videos.

A seller revealed that some service providers made fake certificates to submit video authentication and registered accounts in batches, which was reported by Amazon in Shanghai, but the service provider was arrested by the police.

Another round of account sweeping in cross-border e-commerce logistics, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

(Seller provides screenshot)

Lawyer Liao, a member of the legal profession, said that whether the seller's information fraud was suspected of a crime needs to be determined according to the circumstances.

If the store is only registered with a fake ID card for video verification, and the ID card is forged by others, the seller is suspected of breaking the law, but generally does not constitute a crime. If the false identity card used by the seller is forged or altered by himself, it constitutes the crime of forging identity documents.

If the seller uses a false business license to register the store, verify the video, and engage in business activities, then the seller will constitute a crime of illegal business.

If the sellerCreate false business license,It constitutes the crime of forging official documents of state organs. In the above cases, the number is not the criterion for judging whether a crime is committed, but the number will affect the seriousness of the circumstances.

❑ How do big sellers with more than 3000 accounts deal with video verification?

In fact, since the end of February, a number of sellers have received emails claiming that they need to conduct video verification within 7 days. If the verification is not conducted within 7 days, the seller's sales authority will be terminated.

Some investment managers reported that video verification and postcard verification should be carried out comprehensively from March.

A seller with multiple account operations received it within three daysNearly 100 emailsBecause most accounts are purchased from service providers and cannot be verified by video, most accounts are basically "sentenced to death" or even "declared bankrupt".

A seller who has used an old account for two years also received a video verification notice.The seller of an entire office building where his company is located,A large number of sellers complained about video verification.

At a time when video verification is increasingly tightened, I don't know how those big sellers who are often hundreds or thousands of will respond.

Big sellers, including Youkeshu, Saiwei and Yibai Network, have a large number of accounts.

As a well-known distribution enterprise in the industry, Youzhi is a well deserved "king of store". There are trees. By 2020, the number of stores in each platform has reached3873,Among them, there are 284 Amazon stores.

Another round of account sweeping on the e-commerce platform, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

In terms of the number of stores, Yibai Network is not far behind. As of the first half of 2020, eBay has 1846 stores on various platforms, including 367 Amazon stores.

Another round of account cleaning at Seagoing News, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

However, Savi Times clearly mentioned in its prospectus that it has 822 subsidiaries for registered stores, which are not actually operated.

Another round of account sweeping of cross-border information, Amazon's second trial fully implemented video verification? 20 stores of sellers have been disabled

Account trading has always existed in the industry.

According to the calculation of insiders, a second instance account in 2017 can be purchased for only 300-500 yuan; In 2018, the price rose to several thousand yuan.

By 2019, the market price of the second instance account has exceeded 10000 yuan; By 2020, when the online Amazon was about to close its registration channel, a second instance account was fired to tens of thousands of yuan.

It can be seen that the demand for accounts in the industry is huge.

In any case, Amazon will always insist on cracking down on multi account operations.Amazon does not support sellers to open multiple accounts for the following reasons: First, to ensure consumers' shopping experience.

If the same seller opens multiple accounts to sell the same and the same category of goods, it is bound to cause a flood of listing on Amazon. After consumers search, a large number of homogeneous products will appear, which will affect the consumer experience.

A similar policy is that Amazon allows sellers to sell together.

2、 Ensure the fairness of competition.

If the same seller can open multiple accounts and sell the same product, it is bound to cause one or several sellers to let their product links monopolize the entire Amazon category, which is not conducive to healthy competition.

Third, reduce the interference of sellers to consumers.

If a seller only has an account, it is easier for consumers to judge the product. For example, if the seller's product is excellent, consumers only need to remember the seller's shop when buying next time; Similarly, if the seller's product is not satisfactory, then consumers can avoid it in time.

If a seller can operate with multiple accounts, it is bound to cause interference to consumers. Consumers cannot accurately determine whether the seller is a high-quality seller, and whether they have encountered any pitfalls in the seller's shop. (Blue Ocean Yiguan website domain news/Yiguan information report group)

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