Why Amazon FNSKU? How do sellers get and print


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Why does cross-border e-commerce need Amazon FNSKU? How do sellers get and print

FNSKUyesAmazonThe abbreviation of Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit in. This is a way for Amazon to identify products unique to the seller. be-allAmazon Distribution CenterFNSKU is used to identify and track products, and used in the distribution process.

IWhy Amazon FNSKU?

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,FNSKU isAmazonUsed to print product labels, this code provides a unique use for the product.

The seller may think of a problem: when the product already has a barcode orUPCWhy do we need FNSKU?

1. Because Amazon has so many sellers, it is very likely that others are selling the same products as the sellers. If two sellers use the same UPC to send the same product, it is possible that the products will eventually be put together.

Therefore, to avoid confusion, Amazon wants all sellers to includeFNSKU。 If this is done well, each product will be paired with the corresponding seller, making it easier to track.

2. In addition, FNSKU onlyASINNo additional tags are required for matching. It's easier and cheaper.

3. It is important that,FBAAll products of are properly labeled.

IIHow to get Amazon FNSKU?

It's easy to get FNSKU on Amazon. Follow these simple steps:

1. Set the product to be sold by the seller to FBA (just make sure that the product is not set toFBM)。

2. Publish the product to Amazon.

3. Once the product is in the seller's directory, Amazon will assign a FNSKU to the product.

4. Export the code generated by Amazon (similar to barcode).

5. Paste FNSKU on the product, and then send it to Amazon distribution center.

3、 Where do I print Amazon FNSKU?

1. Enter Manage FBA Inventory.

2. Find the product.

3. Click the drop-down menu on the right side of the product.

4. Click "Print Item Labels".

5. Click "Click Print Labels".

6. Click OK.

7. Apply the new FNSKU to the product.

The process of obtaining FNSKU by Private Label Sellers, Arbitrage Sellers and Wholesale Sellers is different.

Private Label Seller: You must create your own unique listing. Once you click "create", Amazon will generate FNSKU.

Arbitrage or Wholesale Seller: Once the price and product information are entered, and if the seller finds the existing listing of products on the platform, Amazon will generate FNSKU.

As an Amazon seller, you should know that bar codes are different from FNSKUs. The simplest way to understand it is: FNSKU is Amazon's unique code, which is used to track and identify products, so that the seller is responsible for them.

On the other hand, barcodes are specific to suppliers' products. Barcodes are used to track inventory throughout the production cycle.

4、 What do Amazon sellers need to check?

Once the seller is ready to ship the inventory toAmazon Distribution CenterWe need to check the product labels and packaging.

The seller must ensure that each shipment is labeled with the correct shipping ID, and thatShipment Creation WorkflowPrint them in. Or, if the seller has already shippedShipping QueueTo access it.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon sellers need to check the following aspects:

1. Print labels in a complete set. Each label is unique, so never reuse, modify, or copy the label.

2. The label length is 1 1/3 x 4 inches.

3. Stick the label on the side of the box, not through the seam. Otherwise, the label may be scratched or damaged when the box is cut.

4. Ensure carrier labels(FedExFedExUPSAnd FBA shipping ID labels shall be firmly attached to the plane of the box, and they shall not be folded to the corner or edge.

5. Make sure that both labels are readable and scannable.

6. Each box to be sent must have its own unique FBA shipping ID label, which can be printed by the seller from the shipping queue.

7. If the transport pallet uses four labels, place them in the center of the top and each side.

8. If multiple packages are shipped in one main box, the transportation ID label should be on the main box; No transport ID label is used on the package.

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