Christmas products are facing serious delays and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!


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What is the most popular stem in cross-border circles this yearEvery cross-border person jokesOf course it's the Black FiveThe goods are still floating on the sea

Cross border Christmas products are facing serious delays, and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

The source of the picture is known

The popularity of this issue also proves the biggest problem faced by cross-border e-commerce this year

Industry insiders saidThis year's Black Five is the most collapsed one in historyWhy is the Black Five rating so low this time

This Black FiveMost sellers'goodsnoStuck in the harbor,namelyThey didn't arrive at the FBA warehouse after they lifted the cabinet,And evenAfter arriving at the FBA warehouseTardinessNo,Discharge warehouseThe final result is the goodsNot on the shelf.

under these circumstancesMany sellers are starting to panicI wonder if the same situation will happen at Christmasafter allMany Christmas products haven't arrived at the port yet

Cross border e-commerce Christmas products face serious delays, and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

The source of the picture is known

The situation of congestion in the peak season is obvious to allSo it's a clicheIf your goods are still floating on the seaThe seller is recommended to operate conservativelyDon't do too much for the time beingPromotion actionIn case the product cannot be sold on the original date due to the problem of goods accumulation

of courseAt present, no one can guarantee whether the goods can be warehoused before ChristmasSo we'd better make some preparations before Christmas

1、Timely warehousing of products in peak seasonHow to promote

If the product can catch up with ChristmasSo we must work hard on product promotionFirst of all, it is the everlasting sales weapon "gift"The content that can be covered in the gift giving guide includes

Christmas gift for novice mother

His/her exclusive gift

Christmas gifts under $20

Christmas Gift for Gourmet

Christmas 3C product gift

Gifts for Teenagers

Best Gift Editor's Choice

If you are not sure what the attributes of the product's buyers areYou can use theEThe buyer's portrait of easyYa's selection has a clearer understanding of consumersSo as to improve the success rate of product promotion

Cross border e-commerce platform Christmas products face serious delays, and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

Ps.The more subdivided keywords are, the easier it is to find a small number of consumers

Some sellers want to sell orders in black fiveAs early astwoI started to prepare outside the station three months ago+In station drainage promotionThis shows how fierce the competition is in the peak season

So in terms of advertisingWe should also make preparations in advanceThrough drainage outside the stationDo a good job of advertising bidding and other operations in the station to promote the rankingCheck whether your listing and main diagram are completeGet a seat at Christmas

of courseFor words without transformationWe should also deny it as soon as possibleAvoid being consumed by invalid traffic

in additionIt is also very important to plan in advance to promote the preferential noticeDon't wait until Christmas Eve to tell you there's a promotionEspecially the products with high volumeEarly notice of promotion activitiesLet the consumer make a shopping list in mind.

To maximize the effect of product promotionsellhomestillYou can try to publish short videos on social media to emphasize discounts, gifts oritGift bag. It can also let network celebrities experience in advancechristmasDiscount,by means ofAttract consumers and create demand.

When Christmas is comingCombining product listing#Christmas#I will not mention the basic operation of keyword promotionYou must pay attention to the listingBeware of changing into a dogwarning taken from the overturned cart in frontSome sellers were spoofed by their peers on the eve of Black FridayIt led to a year's effort in vain)。

Forget about manual operationSellers should ensure that their stores are safe and compliantAvoid being raided by the authoritiesResulting in a loss outweighing the gain

2、The product can't catch up with the Christmas promotionHow do you do it?

Having said the coping strategies for normal peak seasonsNow let's sort it outWhat should we do if the product can't catch up with the Christmas promotion

First and foremostIf your product has a marketThen the first task is to keep the link rankingIn order not to run out of productsCan do some reasonable operations on the priceFor example, small price increases one by one

Second pointSee if there are any Christmas potential products in the warehouseRe optimize listing of products with poor sales and inventory in previous years and Christmas potential to promote sales.

PredictablyIf the goods don't arrive before ChristmasAfter Christmas, there will be a large number of peers fighting price warSo before we do, we need to look for opportunitiesMinimize losses

Take pet cap as an exampleMany people in America regard pets as their familiesTherefore, for unsalable products with poor salesWe can select products through YiyaTargeted optimization of product keywords and listing based on Christmas hot spotsAnd optimize the application scenario on the set diagram

The Christmas products going to sea are facing serious delay, and the sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

For example, many consumers roast"The hat is too small"For this, we can make a description of the size and product model for different pet sizesMake it easier for consumers to buyIn this way, we can get salesIt can also avoid the risk of overstock

The Black Five accident also gave us a wake-up callSome goods are sold/Large volume products can be stocked as early as possible before the peak season next yearsuchEven if you pay a few months more storage feesIt is also less than the sea freight and clearing loss

Last but not leastNo matter what the sellers' idea of Christmas promotion isAllensureThe publicity expenses in the Christmas promotion will not squeeze the net profit marginYou knowNo matter how much the sales volume is, the greater the discount, the net profitJustLessthereforeWhen I don't know how to improve the product profitYou can improve the delivery accuracy with easy bud selectionInsight into the real needs of buyersEfficient fixed payment stockImprove sales conversion rateHelp sellers find another way to improveBottom line of profit. (Source: Yiya easyYa)

Promotion in peak seasonYou can play like this

Choose the best from another angle

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The Christmas products going to sea are facing serious delay, and the sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

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Cross border e-commerce logistics Christmas products face serious delays, and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

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B2b christmas products are facing serious delays and sellers are afraid of running out of stock!

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