What is Amazon co selling? The risk of co selling is not great


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

As business people, they want to maximize profits with the least cost. For lazy people, they want to enjoy themselves. There are also many such people in Amazon who just want to enjoy the happiness brought by the results. Today we will talk aboutAmazon follow saleQuestion.

For novice sellers, Amazon Co Sale can quickly obtain traffic, which has a good effect on improving the ranking and popularity of listing pages. However, BlueOcean Yiguan reminds sellers that there are risks in co sale and sellers should be cautious.

What is Amazon Co Sale

To put it simply, it is to share a listing page with others, provided that the products sold by the seller are the same as those of other sellers, such as pictures and product details pages.

What are the benefits of Amazon's following sales

1、Cost savings

With the seller, you can directly use the ready-made product page without creating redundant listing pages. For the seller, you can save a lot of costs, which is very convenient. If the seller wants to follow the sale, you can put the product on the shelf. If you don't want to follow the sale, you can get off the shelf in time, which is very convenient.

2、Can issue orders quickly

The most popular products are usually sold with others. If they are sold with others, they can quickly get a large wave of traffic, which is very helpful to improve the sales and popularity of the products, and of course, they can quickly improve the conversion rate and order quantity.

3、High risk

Co selling itself belongs to a high-risk operation mode, which is equivalent to stealing other people's things. When other sellers have placed their shelves and done everything well, you can directly put the products on the shelves for sales, and the sales effect is very good, so it is easy to be complained by other sellers, from account suspension to closure, to store closure, so the income is high and the risk is great.

four. Get traffic quickly

The best thing about Amazon's co selling is to get traffic quickly, which is very helpful to improve the ranking and sales of products. For listing pages with good sales, co selling is undoubtedly the best way to get large waves of traffic.

five. Saving time and effort in uploading goods

If the seller creates the listing page himself, it is more complicated, including the title, description, keywords, pictures, etc., and the content is more complex. If the seller directly sells to someone else, you don't need to consider so many problems. The listing page has been created, and you just need to easily set the price for sales. It saves time and effort, and has many benefits for white sellers.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that when Amazon sells, the price should be adjusted to the right position, not higher than that of its competitors, and it should ensure that there is an appropriate profit, but the price should not be too low.

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