How to pass the second review of Amazon account quickly? Do you need to provide water and electricity bills


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How to quickly pass the second review of cross-border information Amazon account? Do you need to provide water and electricity bills

It is believed that many Amazon sellers have heard the first trial and the second trial. The first trial is the review when registering the store. The second trial is generally aimed at the time when the store has been operating for a period of time, and the review of the operating time, inventory, invoices, etc. No matter what kind of review, Amazon sellers are basically afraid of change. Today we will talk aboutAmazon account second instanceQuestion.

In fact, Amazon is not so afraid of the second review. As a seller, if you receive an email reviewed by Amazon, it is generally no problem as long as you follow the correct process.

How to quickly pass the second review of Amazon account

1、Confirm email first

The seller carefully checked whether the email received was sent by Amazon and confirmed the second instance email of Good News. In order to ensure the authenticity of the email, the seller can ask the investment manager to confirm again.

2、Data preparation

The next step is to prepare the materials for the second trial, the time of store operation, the business license corresponding to the background, the company's address, and the order information of the latest shipment;

The main body of the paper or electronic address bill can be a company or a legal person. If the main body of the bill is a third party, the corresponding certificate shall be provided;

Purchase invoice within 6 months to prove the legal channel of purchase;

There are also websites for product sales. If there are other websites, you should also fill them in;

The seller creating the listing needs to provide the corresponding VAT invoice.

3、Confirmation data

The investment manager can be asked to confirm whether the materials are complete for a second time. If the materials are not complete, the seller should timely supplement the materials to avoid problems in the process of second review.

4、Initiate a complaint

Sometimes the seller carelessly submits a material that is not ready, which leads to the failure of the second trial. If the second trial fails, the seller should communicate with the investment manager in a timely manner and resubmit the missing material, which may delay time.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds all sellers that, in fact, when they first saw the second trial of Amazon, they may be confused and scared. In fact, as long as they are in a good attitude and submit the materials needed by Amazon in a timely manner, they can successfully pass the second trial as long as there are no major errors and the authenticity of the materials provided.

What should be paid attention to in the second instance of Amazon account

1、Business license

When many Amazon sellers register their stores, they use the newly registered company's business license. Maybe Amazon pays more attention to these issues. If they use the business license that has been registered for a long time, the probability of passing will be higher.

2、Registration information

When providing the information of the registered store, including the telephone, email and credit card, these items must be new. Of course, the business license and ID card must also be prepared.

The seller should also pay attention to the use of independent IP addresses, and the network should be clean, without logging into Amazon account, etc., so as to ensure that Amazon can pass the second trial successfully.


If you are in the second instance of Amazon, you need to provide water and electricity bills. Of course, some sellers may cheat. Remind all sellers that the bills must be true, and if they are from a third party, you need to provide corresponding proof.

The second trial of Amazon's account is also to protect the interests of buyers. In recent years, more and more sellers have poured in from Amazon, both good and bad. The strict review is also responsible for buyers. Following Amazon's rules can better improve the user experience.

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