What are the variants in Amazon? What elements need attention


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What are the variants in Amazon? What elements need attention

Amazon VariantIt is to improve the productAmazon PlatformVisibility and conversion methodsone of, can simplifyAmazon customersThe shopping experience makes it easier for buyers who are looking for specific product attributes and have different preferences or tastes to buy products.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonDefine variant or parent child relationship as the samelistingThe different product options listed in. These products are interrelated but have different attributes, such as color, size, flavor and other characteristics, allowing customers todetailsCompare and purchase multiple available options on the page.

For example,Amazon SellerYou can use 8 different colors and 3 different sizes of water bottlesPut on the sameAmazon Product DetailspageUp, notCreate with8 different productslisting。 Multiple ASIN variants are displayed as colorsoption

What are the variants in b2b amazon? What elements need attention

According to Amazon, there are different sizesLarge, medium and smallAnd different colorsBlack, blue, red's clothesIt's goodvariantSeries.

IAmazon listingVariantWhat are the three elements?

listingVariant relationships contain three main elements:

1.Parent listing

fatherlistingOr parentASINIt is a non purchasable entity used to store sub products.Amazon Product CatalogApply ParentlistingTo create links between sub products.

For example, if twohandbagofparentIf they are the same, they are related and regarded assonProducts.  

2.Child ASINs

A child product or ASINs is a variation of a parent product that can be purchased. A parentlistingCan own andhisRelevant seed products. Each sub variant is different in some way, for example, oneLarge sizeA long gray coat(a large, grey, long coat)

3. AmazonvariantSubject of

Amazon variation topic refers to the relationship type between parent product and child product. It defines the extent to which these productsofDifferent.

sellerofAmazon Variations ThemeIt also depends on the selected productCategory。 For example, infantsCategoryInChild listingAt the portpart、flavortaste, color, etc. may be different. In beauty and personal careCategoryMedium,sonColor andsizeDifferent sizes.

Amazon SellerIt can also be used in specific productsCategoryinUse twoAmazonVariation Theme。 For example, ifsellerWant tosellDresses of various sizes and colors can use the "SizeName ColorName" variation theme. This allows customers to choose their size and color preferences without having to look for a singlelisting

IICreate Amazon VariantslistingWhat to avoid

oneAmazon sellers shouldAvoidAmazon ProductslistingToo many differentvariantThemes, don't use messy themesfloodPotential customers,wantProvide them with a positive customer experience.

two.WhensellerCreate a parent child relationship between two unrelated products and use it on AmazonobtainProfits will eventually be manipulatedVariant promotionSearch ranking.

For example, whensellerWhen launching a new product on Amazon, compare it withParent listingPair up to take advantage of their comments. These comments will manipulate Amazon productslisting, making the new product look like it has been praised, and finallyletIt ranks higher in search results.

Some sellers on Amazon still use this strategy to optimize their Amazon productsHowever, this is considered immoral and contrary to Amazon's policies.

three.Improve product performance with comments

Amazon seller inplatformAnother strategy used on isHighly ratedvariantProducts and low evaluationvariantProduct consolidation to improve product performance. Amazon has tolerated this behavior.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,However, many customersReturned productsNot satisfied, intheyAfter the complaint,AmazonDecide on each productvariantShow reviews instead of merging all productsvariantComments from. This allows customers to fully understand eachvariantTo get a better buying experience.

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