How can Shopify independent site sellers promote sales and what ways can they try


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How can b2bShopify independent site sellers promote sales? What are some ways to try

ShopifyProvides an easy-to-useIndependent station constructionPlatform, used by more than 1.7 million enterprises around the worldShopifyShopify independent stationSellers can try many ways to promote sales.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Whether the seller needs to establish a simple online store or create a unique shopping experience,ShopifyThere are many options available.

This includes a fully hosted, cloud based solution that allows sellers to select and use templates for online stores; Comprehensive payment processing;SEOAnd marketing tools. When it comes to conversion, sellers can use Shopify to provide a simplified shopping experience, including the most popular payment methods, for a smoother checkout experience. Here are some ways to promote sales.

ItoShopify independent stationAdd positive comments

When customers hesitate to buy products,social identity It will come in handy. Good reviews and star ratingstakeHelp shoppers shortenShopping time, make decisions faster and more confidentBuy products

sellerGood reputation gainedFor products and servicesgoodreview),Will have a positive impact on sales.The seller shouldEncourage customers to write comments on products and services,Obviously,Good reviews can promote salesBecause consumers actually browse their commentsEven comments written by strangers.

IIUse social media to promote sales

Shopify independent station sellerCan leverage social mediaCreate a trusted brand for customersimage。 Social media provides enterprises with the ability to contact and interact with customers, which will directly increase sales.

sellerShopify store can be integratedBlogs and social media accounts, includingFacebookInstagramandPinterestIfsellerTo gain greater online influence, you need to be consistent with social media.sellerThe more target audiences they attract, the more loyal they will be,FollowersThe more.


By providingordertrack,sellerNot only can the delivery status be updated in real time, but more importantly,Know the orderOn the way,No loss

One of the main advantages of investing in a transportation tracking system issellerIt can greatly reduce the logistics cost. Freight tracking can helpsellerReduce spending because it allowsround turnBetter understand the status of packages.

IVAdd blog post

Shopify independent station sellerBlogs can be added to online stores to provide customers with information updates on products and services. Blog posts can also be optimized by improving the search engine of the storeTo promote website traffic, turn visitors into customers, and increase customer participation.

Blog PostUnlike investment advertising, it will affect the bottom line of content marketing,sellerCan beShopifyThe store brings free natural traffic.

5、 Utilize Shopify APP store and integration

Shopify's app store provides a large number of free and paid solutions to help sellers build online stores and improve sales.

More than 2000Shopify APPIt can be used by large and small enterprises. Shopify's APP has different functions, from email marketing to automatic receipt, to help sellers do all kinds of things, many of which are free.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Shopify independent station sellerYou will find almost all forms of APP, including image background deletion, shipment tracking, payment, chat and message, customer participation, product purchase APP, shopping cart abandonment, marketing automation, Facebook Messenger, sales channel APP, etc.

In addition, sellers can also find cross platform integration solutions to help synchronize other platforms withShopifyThe online store provides more functions for the online store.

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