What data does Amazon KYC audit need? Is there any limit on the upload time of KYC audit


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What data does Amazon need for KYC review of cross-border shipping? Is there any limit on the upload time of KYC review

Since Amazon sellers registered their Amazon stores, they need to submit various materials and then conduct various audits to ensure the normal operation of the stores. In the early stage, they only audit the materials, and in the later stage, they also audit the accounts and store operations. There are many audits, which are troublesome for Amazon sellers. Today we will talk aboutAmazon KYC reviewQuestion.

As an Amazon seller, we need to know that Amazon's KYC audit is not a second audit, and the audits in the United States, Japan and Europe are also independent of each other. KYC audits include the first audit, interim audit, data modification audit and final audit. Different sellers need different audits in different situations.

What materials are required for Amazon KYC audit

The company's business license; The main contact person and beneficiary of the company, the beneficiary refers to the natural person or legal person with 25% or more shares in the company;

The company's expense bill, including water, electricity, gas and bank statements, must be issued by a formal unit, and must be within 90 days of the expense bill. The bill must have a detailed address and name of the company, and should correspond to the business license. The seller must check it well without making mistakes.

A statement of water, electricity and gas is also required for personal expense bills, which must be within 90 days; The detailed address and name shall be provided above. If the bill is not in my name, it is also necessary to provide various certificates to prove the relationship between them. The expense bill must be issued by a formal institution.

The bank statement can be either a corporate statement or a P card.

When providing corporate bank statements, the company name must be consistent with that on the business license, and there must be a bank account number with a clear logo, and the billing date should be within 180 days;

If it is a P card, the P card must be registered by the company, and it is the P card bill of the last three months. If the contact person is not a legal person or a beneficiary, Amazon will require a letter of authorization to formally operate Amazon's account.

Notes on Amazon KYC audit

The authenticity of company information and personal information should be ensured to ensure that KYC audit can be passed smoothly;

The name of the company shall be in pinyin, and shall be complete and accurate;

The company's registered address cannot exceed 50 characters, and each line of other addresses cannot exceed 60 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks;

All data cannot be P diagram, and the authenticity of data must be guaranteed;

It is recommended to use the complete information of the legal person, and the probability of passing will be much higher;

Generally speaking, KYC audit takes 3-5 days, and some may take longer.

Is there any limit on the upload time of Amazon KYC review files

Blueocean Yiguan reminds that there is no data uploaded for a long time. Generally, in about three weeks, Amazon will close the sales right, and it will be manually closed.

Amazon KYC needs a lot of materials for audit, so the seller can prepare in advance. Don't rush at that time. Follow the correct process submitted to ensure the integrity of the materials and they can pass the audit quickly.

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