What are Amazon FBA packaging requirements? What materials are commonly used


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What are the packaging requirements of b2b Amazon FBA? What materials are commonly used

Correct packagingAmazon FBAVery important. yesAmazon SellerFor example, this is not just to pack the goods into a box that you can find at random and send them toAmazonThe problem of. AmazonFBA SellerThere are some specific packaging requirements.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned thatAmazonPay great attention to its packaging requirements, and the seller who does not comply with the requirements will be punished. For example, Amazon may handle the seller's inventory, or even prevent the seller from shipping to its logistics center.

Amazon's specifications cover general packaging requirements, as well as additional requirements for specific categories, including requirements for bulk products sold in sets, boxes, and specific packaging materials.

IGeneral Packaging Requirements

1. Each uniquestockThe unit or product type (such as size or color) must have a unique FNSKU.

2. Each inventory unit must have an externally scannable barcode with corresponding readable numbers for easy access.

3. Amazon sellers can use the manufacturer's barcode, such asGCID, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or Amazon barcode ASIN orFNSKU

4. The barcode outside the existing transport case must be non scannable. Amazon sellers can cover the redundant code with tape or cross it off with a black signature pen. Ensure that incorrect barcodes are not accidentally scanned.

5. Each unit, including multiple volume book sets, must be included in a single, secure package.

6. Units may not include multiple parts that need to be assembled by Amazon.

7. Components without safety packaging must be bagged or fixed with adhesive tape.

8. Shoes must be packed in boxes or plastic bags, and the footwear materials cannot be exposed. The plastic bag must have a suffocation warning.

IIApproved packaging materials

Amazon can provide sellers with packaging materials that meet their requirements. Even if it is, sellers can buy Amazon preferred plastic bags, packaging boxes, stretch packaging, bubble packaging and other materials directly from Amazon.

American sellers can alsoUPSFedExFedEx andUSPSThe United States Postal Administration gets the free materials provided that the seller uses these services to send the products to the Amazon logistics center.

1. Amazon FBA certified standard box

Amazon sellers cannot simply use any box to deliver goods to Amazon FBA. Sellers need to adhere to the following points:

(1) Regular slotted carton;

(2) B flute;

(3) ECT-32 (edge crush test);

(4) 200 BH (bursting strength).

2. Packaging materials certified by Amazon FBA

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,The packaging types used by Amazon include:

(1) Foam board or cushion;

(2) Air pillows;

(3) Bubble film outer packaging materials;

(4)Full sheets of paper。

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