What Amazon A+page should do: combine pictures and text, and use comments


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What to do with the Amazon A+page of Sailing Info: combining pictures and text, using comments

AmazonLet the seller have the opportunity to design their own product page layout, so as to better explain the product functions and useA+ContentIt can better display the product, or even displayAmazon Comments

ICombining images and text

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that high-quality images help improve the conversion rate. At the same time,AmazonThe seller can also add some interesting text. These texts can highlight the advantages or features of the product, butKeep the content short and accurate

Note the size and resolution of the image. In order to avoid any serious problems or "rejection" from Amazon, the seller needs to determine the correct resolution and size of the image upload. Maybe the image requirements are different, depending on the type of module selected by the seller. So read Amazon's requirements carefully.

IIUse product reviews

Comments written by customers are very important. Amazon seller is creating aA+ContentBefore doing so, you should carefully read customer reviews, even those posted on competitor listing. By doing so, the seller can clearly know what type of content consumers most emphasize.

IIIAvoid content errors

When creating A+content, Amazon prohibits sellers from using some special characters and symbols, including copyrights, registered trademarks and registered brand symbols. In addition,Amazon A+ContentNever include any hyperlinks to other websites. However, the seller can include any link to ASIN in the module type.

Amazon needs 7 days to agree or approve A+content. However, in general, Amazon will review the content faster and earlier. Therefore, the seller must proofread the content before submitting.

For example, for some reasons, ifAmazon A+PageAfter publishing, for some reason, the seller found a syntax error and had to submit the A+page again. According to Cedcommerce, this means that the A+page will continue to run for a week with errors.

IVMake the A+page more intuitive and less text

A+content should be more attractive, which means that sellers should add a lot of pictures, use less text, and create visual effects.

The terms used in the text should be as simple as possible, and even laymen should understand what the seller has written. A+content must deliver information directly to shoppers.

In addition, maintain an appropriate balance between lifestyle product photos and real product photos, which isASINA feature of.

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon A+ContentSufficient consistency must be maintained throughout the layout. It should reflect some connection between the brand and the independent station.

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