What is Amazon's out of stock email reply template?


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What is the reply template of cross-border e-commerce logistics Amazon out of stock email?

Data shows that e-commerce sellers lose about 93 billion dollars every year due to shortage. Whether it is Amazon small sellers or multi billion dollar retail giants, they may encounter the problem of out of stock. The key is how to inform consumers with appropriate email response templates.

If we can do this well, we can not only encourage consumers to return to buy after the seller replenishes, but also make them buy more.

What email reply template should Amazon sellers use when they are out of stock?

Let's break each part down.

1. Notify "out of stock" as soon as possible

Journey IQ conducted a survey on many consumers and found that it took them 9-10 days on average to receive the seller's "out of stock notice" email after placing an order, and then contacted the seller. It was true that the product was temporarily out of stock and the order was cancelled.

In this case, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction among buyers, because the notification time is too late.

The survey shows that the faster the buyer is informed of the "out of stock" situation, the less the seller will lose, especially in terms of reputation and image.

To express the regret of "out of stock", we can use the following language for reference.

What is the response template of Amazon out of stock email on the e-commerce platform?

2. Apologize

Adhere to the principle of "customer first". If there is a shortage of goods and the order cannot be issued, it will not provide consumers with the best shopping experience. Amazon sellers need to apologize to consumers for the inconvenience caused. Of course, apologies do not need to be long winded or exaggerated, just a word or two, as follows.

What is the response template of Amazon out of stock email on the e-commerce platform?

In addition to an appropriate apology, we should also show consumers that the seller is working hard to solve this problem, reflecting the seller's sense of responsibility.

3. Explain "out of stock"reason

Explain to the buyer the reason for the shortage. Is it a mistake? Does the manufacturer sell out due to discounts? Or what else?

Whatever it is, it is better to explain to the buyer frankly. Don't sound like an excuse. Consumers are more willing to accept brands and sellers who admit mistakes.


What is the reply template for outbound Amazon out of stock emails?

4. Recommended replacement options or similar products

Sometimes, as long as the seller recommends a replacement option similar to the product out of stock, consumers can accept it.

In this way, we can not only avoid the loss of sales, but also avoid the dissatisfaction of consumers.

For example, when selling belt products, the one the consumer bought is out of stock, and the other one is recommended to have inventory. If it is cheaper, the price will be raised and the difference will be refunded.

What is the reply template for cross-border outbound Amazon out of stock emails?

For another example, the seller sells a suitcase, and a product purchased by the consumer is out of stock. In addition to providing the "refund" option, the seller can also recommend similar products to the seller to see whether the seller is satisfied and whether the seller intends to place an order.

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