Where can the seller purchase goods when making furniture in Amazon


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Where can sellers purchase goods when b2b makes furniture in amazon

IfAmazon furniture sellerIt is also a manufacturer, so it is unnecessary to considerfurnitureThe supply of products. But ifAmazon SellerI don't know how to purchase goods. I can learn some information through this article.

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,AmazonsellerThere are several ways to find suppliers, especiallyfurnitureProducts.

IGoogle search

Amazon sellers canGoogleSimply start product research.

1. Enter the product name, manufacturer and country name "<product name>manufacturers in<country name>" in the Google search column; Or enter supplier "inventory" "<country name>" "xls" (or "csv")<product name>, that is, supplier, inventory, country name, xls or csv, and product name.

2. In this way, sellers can carry out targeted searches to find suppliers for the specific furniture products they are looking for.

3. The seller can even replace the word "supplier supplier" with "manufacturers" or "wholesale sellers".

2、 LinkedIn

In addition to being popular among job seekers,LinkedInIt is also a good platform to find manufacturers or suppliers of various products.

1. All the sellers need to do is input the product type of the supplier they are looking for, such as Sofa Sets sofa cover.

2. After input, Amazon seller must select "Companies" and select Location Name in the filter.

3. Under the "Industry" option, select "Wholesale Wholesale" and execute the search.

4. View relevant results and contact active users.

4、 Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is also an easy to study platform. Many manufacturers, suppliers and sellersFacebook GroupsThey are very active.

1. The seller can simply search the keywords of "Industry" or "Product Type", such as "suppliers", "manufacturers", "distributors", etc., and find relevant groups.

2. Join Facebook groups and contact relevant people.

5、 Alibaba and other online platforms

Alibaba, IndiaMart, Global Sources and other online platforms are websites where many sellers often find suppliers. The seller should go to these websites to find products and contact suppliers.

Because the purpose of these online platforms is to connect manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, etc., sellers can generally find products according to their desired categories. Just in the process of looking for products, the seller needs to judge which are "excellent" or qualified suppliers.

6、 Use tools such as Jungle Scout

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,Amazon sellers canJungle ScoutAnd other tools to conduct product research and obtain databases of thousands of suppliers and manufacturers.

According to Ecoelement, Jungle Scout has launched a function called "Supplier Database", which can helpAmazonSellers find proven suppliers based on specific market segments.

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