Does the same MAC address cause Amazon account association? How to unseal


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

Does the same MAC address of the cross-border e-commerce platform lead to the association of Amazon accounts, and how should they be unsealed

There are many reasons for the closure of Amazon's account, such as unqualified product quality, product infringement or trademark infringement, sales of fake goods, unqualified KYC audit, inconsistent product description, swiping comments, account association, etc. These phenomena will lead to the closure of Amazon's account. Today, we'll talk about Amazon account association.

All sellers know that the same set of materials can only register one Amazon store on one site. If multiple stores are registered on the same site, they are likely to be blocked. Of course, sellers can register multiple Amazon stores on different sites, such as the US, Europe and Japan. This is allowed.

Account associations are associated with site accounts, as well as account associations of different sites, which will have a great impact on sellers. Therefore, sellers must avoid this phenomenon.

Reason for Amazon account association

Generally speaking, IP addresses, MAC addresses, routers, etc. are the most likely to cause association. Because sellers use the same network environment, they are most likely to cause account association. Of course, there are other factors, such as using the same collection account, or credit cards, sellers using the same browser, browsing habits, etc., which will cause account association.

Relevance of Amazon account

If the seller's account is associated, you can write a letter of appeal to Amazon. Generally speaking, there are three opportunities to appeal.

First of all, we need to clarify the reason why the account is associated. There are two types: one is not associated and was wrongly judged by Amazon; Another is the real account association.

If there is no connection, the seller must show sufficient evidence to prove that he has not done anything against the rules and request Amazon to restore his account;

If the account is really related, the seller should first come up with a sincere attitude to admit the mistake, then come up with a solution and make a good plan for the future. It must be done carefully and in detail, which can impress Amazon staff, and it is possible to restore the account as soon as possible.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that they should prevent the association of Amazon accounts in advance to avoid causing great trouble to sellers. If the number of the direct store is closed for light cases and the number of the direct store is closed for heavy penalties, it will be too late to remedy at that time. Therefore, they must take precautions and do a good job of prevention in advance.

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