Another fashion category is emerging in the United States, and the market size will reach nearly 31 billion dollars


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

according toeMarketer forecast,reachIn 2025,U.S.AThe sales volume of fashion online resale platform will reachUS $30.63 billionestimateThe compound annual growth rate is24%, accounting for 10% of all e-commerce clothing and accessories sales.


In recent yearsAmerican consumersYesThrift shopMore and more interested in shoppingEspecially for some consumers who like to buy products with high cost performance andGeneration ZAmong shoppers, the popularity of the secondary market is on the rise。 In addition, driven by social media, people's views on buying and wearing second-hand clothes have developed to a cool and avant-garde level.


Data display,This new interest in thrift is spreading to the e-commerce marketandIn the past five years, the number of resale websites specializing in second-hand clothing has also been increasing.


Except for small brands,Big name clothing brands and retailers, such asPatagonia, REI and Eileen Fisher also started to set foot in the second-hand market, selling their own brand of second-hand goods on independent websites.


However, with the continuous expansion of the secondary market,Inventory problemsorIt will curb the growth of online resale clothing.becauseBuy onlineofSecond-hand clothinghisSize, price and qualityIt is quite different from the actual situation. In addition, as more and morebusinessEntering this field, finding reliable sellers or second-hand inventory supply is also a challenge.

At the same time, the supply chain congestion crisis in the peak season this year made many buyers unable to buy their favorite goods, so many American consumers began to turn to second-hand goods. According to the disclosure of most second-hand commodity buyers, second-hand commodities are a good substitute in the case of shortage of new product inventory, because they can be obtained quickly and have a relatively high price.


Relevant data show that the number of consumers willing to accept second-hand gifts in the United States is also increasing,66% of consumers are now willing to accept second-hand giftsand62% of consumers believe that it is more acceptable to buy second-hand clothing/fashion gifts than it was five years ago.


The increase in the size of the secondary market also indicates the change in consumer behavior. For cross-border sellers, in addition to low prices, increasing the cost performance or other value attributes of products will also make products more responsive to consumer demand.

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