Social commerce is popular, and Facebook is the most popular


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Social commerce isOne of the biggest trends in social media in 2021. All major platforms willsocial contactCommerce has pushed to the forefront of its business strategyconvenientNew features consumers buy


Many enterprises are inclined to social commerce. according toSprout Social February 2021investigation85% of large companies, 84% of medium-sized companies and 57% of small companies have sold on social business platforms.


Among consumers,The use of social commerce is approaching popularization.stayThe US Digital Trust Survey conducted in 2021 shows that,About half(48%) of US social media usersIn the last yearPurchased through social media platforms.


More than half of social media driven purchases occur outside of social platforms. stayBizrate Insights represents Insider In the research conducted by Intelligence in October 2021, the American social network that purchased through social media in the past monthbusiness affairsAmong buyershave56% of purchases are made by clicking the link on the retailer's product page, while 44% are made directly on the social platformPurchased


Research showsFacebook is the most popular social commerce platform, where about one third of adult social media users have made purchases. Instagram and YouTube followed.


Among them,Facebook and Instagram may top the list because of their overall popularity among social media usershigher; parthave88% and 60% of respondents useGo through them。 These platforms alsointroductionFeatures such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping have significantly enhanced theirSocial BusinessAbility.


YouTube has a long history of allowing videos to include purchase links,These purchase links canEmbedded in the video itselfAnd videoDescription. useryesYouTubeFamiliarity, plus82% of social network users said theyUsedYouTube,Therefore, the popularity of the platformRanked third.


PinterestSnapchat and TikTokAnd other platformsalsostaybuildOwn social businesstoolAnd features, butNeither scale nor depth can matchFacebook or Instagram productsput on a par with。 Their penetration rate among social network users is also obviously low40% said they usedtooPinterest, Snapchat or TikTokThe utilization rate of is33%


Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit in social commerceLess layout ofTherefore, the proportion of social users who have made purchases on these platforms is low.

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