Amazon factory in Florida has more robots than workers


Source: ennews

For a long time, Amazon has been criticized for monitoring employees' working hours and processes. Now, Amazon factory has started to use robots to work.


It is understood that,FloridaofPembroke Park ——Is the first one to useAmazon robot deliveryofstationspotLocal 10 had an exclusive visit to the prime location of Harrendale Beach Avenue.


"This is a completely different system from the one we used to have," said Paul Clemons, Operations Manager.


In a simplified process,AmazonGrey ofDispatchVehicle in the morningAround 8:00reachCome and get ready to load the first wave onto the cue pad. Then, the driver goes to deliver their designated package to the siteWithin 45 miles.


It is reported that thisMore than 300 quiltsMachines called drives can hold up to 1000 pounds of packages. Activate the robot by pressing the button to release the podThis is a highly organized system,They canDeliver the package toDesignated destination


At present, thisinThe 24x7 employees are60 employees,And there are more than 300 robots,Jeffrey, Mayor of Pembroke Park·Jacobs said that Pembroke Park has not had any new development projects for a long time.


It was previously reported that Amazon caused a traffic accident by monitoring whether the delivery driver delivered the package to the destination quickly. The man who was hit was also paralyzed by the accident, so Amazon also filed a lawsuit.


Strict monitoring regulations and working systems really put pressure on Amazon employees. As robots go online to participate in Amazon package transportation, Amazon can reduce the number of employees.


Moreover, after the arrival of the peak season, many jobs in the United States are seriously short of people. Now the robots are online, which can greatly reduce the employment expenses of employees.

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