Which method is good for Facebook to attract people? Can Graph Search set a precise crowd


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Which method is good for b2bFacebook to attract people? Can Graph Search set accurate people

For Amazon sellers, traffic is sales. If the traffic is not enough, it should be diverted in time. If the traffic is not enough, it can be diverted outside the station. According to Blue Ocean Yiguan, 47% of the world's people use Facebook, with more than 2.1 billion users. Facebook has a good drainage effect. Today, let's talk aboutFacebook drainageQuestion.

Through Facebook drainage, Amazon store traffic can be driven, listing exposure and traffic can be improved, and then click through rate and conversion rate can be improved, so that product sales can reach a higher level.

What are the methods of Facebook drainage

1、Celebrity marketing

Red person marketing is to find online celebrities, and drive traffic, number of fans, number of posts, number of forwarding, number of likes, etc. through their fan effect. Of course, there are also circles among celebrities. The fan effect drives traffic very quickly, which can quickly improve Facebook traffic, and then drive Amazon store traffic.

2、Invest in advertising

The traffic generated by advertising is more accurate. It can be accurately launched according to the age and interest of users. All the traffic generated is high-quality traffic. Generally, the initial costs are not cheap.

When launching Facebook, sellers can try to launch multiple advertising strips, each of which has new ideas and features, so as to attract users to stay.


The homepage can be displayed in a variety of forms, such as pictures, videos, etc. When the number of fans increases, some promotion can be done appropriately, such as product links, etc. The product can't be put at the beginning, which will not only repel fans, but also be prohibited by the platform.

4、Graffiti wall

By setting up a graffiti wall, sellers can place some interesting text pictures according to their fans' interests to attract users' attention. By increasing the number of fans, they can achieve the role of drainage.

5、Facebook Tools

Through Facebook tools, such as Graph Search, Power Editor, etc., people can be accurately searched. The more accurate the settings, the more accurate the traffic will be.

Amazon sellers can try multiple channels when doing Facebook drainage, such as coupons and discount codes. They can attract users' attention and bring more traffic through images, videos and other ways, not just plain text.

Facebook should also pay attention to the change of thinking when channeling, making use of foreigners' thinking, search habits, etc.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Facebook drainage is just a way of off-site drainage. Sellers can try multiple methods to conduct joint drainage, which will bring more accurate and high-quality traffic.

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Which is the best way to go to Facebook for drainage? Can Graph Search set a precise crowd

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