Amazon seller listing suddenly becomes a dog! The product was sentenced to three different drugs!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

Amazon seller listing of cross-border e-commerce suddenly becomes a dog! The product was sentenced to three different drugs!

Recently, a seller reported that it was not long before one of his products participated in the stopkill activity on the site, and listing suddenly became a dog.

It is understood that the seller received the performance notice from Amazon the day after listing was blocked.

Amazon's notice said that listing was banned because the seller violated the platform's restricted commodity sales policy.

Later, the seller contacted the customer service to ask the reason. The customer service said that the listing of the product was identified by the system as the illegal drug concerned by DEA, and some of its ASIN, size and other attributes had N95 mask related descriptions.

Then, the other two stores also received performance notices, and their products were identified by Amazon as Salvia Divinorum, Jimson Weed and Datura respectively.

In this regard, one of the other sellers believed that the illegal products or drugs judged by Amazon were generally classified as the sellers' violations and system misjudgments. If they were misjudged, they could be rescued, but if there were violations, the accounts might not be unsealed.

Other sellers said that they should first find out which part or site was maliciously added with prohibited words, then refresh the link with the template, modify these prohibited words, and finally appeal to Amazon.

"In most cases, there is no appeal entry for sellers whose listing has been taken off the shelf because of prohibited words. Sellers need to edit the details page and contact Amazon customer service to appeal," said an insider.

He also pointed out that, unless some serious listing, Amazon will open the complaint entrance to sellers.

In addition, some sellers believe that the listing attribute should be maliciously modified by the VC account, so it is banned.

In which cases is it possible for a seller listing to be maliciously added with sensitive words?

First, the listing was modified by VC accounts. As we all know, VC accounts have higher permissions than ordinary seller accounts, so some VC sellers will add sensitive or prohibited words to other sellers' listing in order to fight against competitors.

Second, competitors used ASIN to upload products on other Amazon sites, and added prohibited words to listing, resulting in the listing of the seller's site being banned.

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