Newbie successfully transported domestic cancer adjuvant drugs across the border 2-8 ℃ cold chain to South America


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At the end of November 2021, on the platform of Hangzhou East Railway Station, several dark blue temperature control boxes the size of suitcases filed in and boarded a freight train that was about to leave for Beijing. This batch of temperature control boxes carrying domestic cancer adjuvant therapy drugs has since crossed Asia, Europe and the United States by rail and air for more than 10 days, and recently arrived in South America for customs clearance, unloading and "last mile" distribution.

Successful cross-border transportation of domestic cancer adjuvant therapy drugs by cross-border e-commerce newcomers 2-8 ℃ cold chain to South America

Novice uses itThe cross-border pharmaceutical cold chain logistics technology with 2-8 ℃ temperature control has successfully delivered China's first independently developed cancer adjuvant therapy to South America, marking that cross-border pharmaceutical logistics has become an important part of the internationalization of novices.


IAA data shows that the current global aviation industry recovery is seriously uneven. Influenced by the low vaccination rate and other factors, the recovery process of the aviation industry in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other regions lags significantly behind that in North America and Europe. The aviation industry said that, combined with the impact of the recent European strike and the suspension of routes in many countries, the European aviation capacity has been reduced by more than half.


In the plight of the circuit breaker of international routes, the Newbie International team has built a new route of medical cold chain spanning three continents from zero to one. Only one bill of lading is used to realize the three way combined transportation from China to Latin America"One order to the end" brings convenience to customers. In other words, this is equivalent to using three express companies to relay a delivery, but consumers only need to place an order and use a waybill number to query the logistics details. The seamless connection between different airlines, international airports and refrigerators, and the average temperature control of about 5 ℃ throughout the whole process, is exactly a solid reflection of the global intelligent logistics capability of rookies.


Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene is one of the earliest genetic engineering pharmaceutical enterprises in Zhejiang Province and even in ChinaSince 1992, it has been involved in the research of genetic engineering products in the field of biomedicine. Since 2002, Jiuyuan Gene has also started to board the international express train and began to export domestic biomedical products to all parts of the world.


However, due to the repeated impact of the recent epidemic, the routes of the foreign airlines that originally carried this batch of biomedical drugs were cut off, and the airport cargo terminal was seriously damaged, so the drugs could not be shipped out after more than a month of delay. Mr. Zhou, manager of the overseas trade department of Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene, told reporters that the threshold of cold chain transportation of medicine is far higher than that of ordinary goods. In addition, the whole transportation link is long and the value of goods is high, so it needs to be maintained throughout the whole process2-8 ℃ temperature control, no logistics company has the ability to "receive orders" for a while. Until the emergence of rookies, we created a route and the whole cold chain temperature control.


After receiving the demand of Jiuyuan Gene, the rookie team quickly built a new route plan, and also provided a worthy"Nanny level" full link hosting service. When packaging in the pharmaceutical factory, the rookie team places the injection in a groove of corresponding size and surrounds it with thermal insulation materials. In addition, by increasing the thickness and density of the thermal insulation board, the rookie has optimized a durable temperature control box that can maintain 2-8 ℃ temperature control for more than 300 hours.


In order to ensure the whole process real-time temperature control tracking, Cainiao has equipped each temperature control box with a global temperature recorder, which can upload the temperature in the incubator to the cloud in real time. Once any temperature exceeds the warning range, it will timely push the alarm information to the management. In addition, Cainiao also arranges special personnel to monitor the whole process and regularly return temperature information to customers.


"With the vigorous development of the domestic biopharmaceutical industry, China's biopharmaceutical enterprises have become a trend to go to sea and gradually emerge on the global stage." Zhao Jian, general manager of Cainiao International Supply Chain, told the reporter that relying on Cainiao's global logistics capabilities and rich experience in transportation vaccines, we can provide Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises with one-stop solutions that are global, digital, and traceable in the whole link, so as to improve the growth rate of China's pharmaceutical products "going abroad".


According to the consulting agencyAccording to ChinaBio, there will be 271 cross-border transactions between Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and overseas pharmaceutical enterprises in 2020, an increase of 300% compared with 2015. "Now is the golden time for China's bio pharmaceutical enterprises to go to sea. On the one hand, the domestic bio pharmaceutical industry has achieved a certain stage of development, and on the other hand, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises need to explore a broader market." Mr. Zhou told the reporter that cross-border pharmaceutical cold chain logistics has been a constraint for us to export drugs. In the past, we could only rely on foreign logistics companies. Cainiao is the first Chinese logistics company serving our export. We are very pleased that Chinese drugs have been successfully delivered by the cold chain technology of Chinese logistics companies.


It is reported that rookies have accumulatedMore than 150 countries and regions have delivered more than 250 million pieces of medical supplies and millions of doses of China's COVID-19 vaccine to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Relying on the technology and experience of transporting China's COVID-19 vaccine at 2-8 ℃, Cainiao has the technical capability of cross-border full link transportation at 15-25 ℃ and - 15 to - 25 ℃ ultra-low temperature.

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