New power of the platform - the sales of the British e-commerce platform Fruugo Black Five increased by 50%


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

It is reported that the British e-commerce platformFruugo isDuring the promotion of "Black Five Networks"November 26-29), compared with the same period in 2020Black FiveIncrease compared with the periodMore than 200%.


Data display, its platformBest selling productsincludeWireless game console controllerThe epidemic situation is blocked at home, and consumers' demand for video game related accessories is rising; Toys and clothingMainlycoverNetflix, TikTok and RedditAnd other social media products; And the cold winter weather in most parts of EuropeWinter products——Electrically heated jacket.


It is reported that due to theSupply chain problemsmanyThe media's influence on festivals or fashioncommodityThe problem of stock shortage was warned and publicized, resulting inaddedconsumerTurn to online e-commerce platform to search forProducts you want to buy.thereforeFruugoplatformSales in the clothing sectorIt shows a strong growth, which is also due to the substantial increase in the number of sellers of clothing category operating on its platform


FruugoRelevant person in charge of the platform said:"This year'sblackFive Networks and One PromotionYes YesAnother important test of the global cross-border market of Fruugo. With the disruption of the global supply chainInventory levels of many traditional retailersHave been greatly affectedThis makesOnline marketdevelopmentFurther accelerate,alsobyhisThe platform brings new customers.


"At the same time,thisAlso forFruugo offers an important opportunity to further demonstrateThe platform isHow to make international shopping easy for consumers around the world.The person in charge added:


Generally speaking, the black five networks promoteIncrease in demand during the periodUsuallyProvided by platform merchantslargeDiscount related, butFruugo this yearStatistics ofData display,Consumers choose to buy certain goods online,mostValuedyesProductusabilityRather than a single discount


yestoRapid changes in consumer demand from around the worldFruugo's flexible technologysureRespond immediately,This technology can alsobyFruugo's extensive international seller base provides valuableadditionalsalePerformance.Said Tony Preedy, general manager of Fruugo.


It is understood that,Fruugo is the largest local e-commerce platform supporting global sales in the UK. At present, the annual growth rate of the platform remains at 141%.

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