The toy gun sold by the seller was judged as a dummy gun by Amazon! The listing is deleted!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

The seller of e-commerce platform was judged to be a dummy gun by Amazon for selling toy guns! The listing is deleted!

Recently, a seller was judged by Amazon as a dummy gun for selling toy guns, which led to the deletion of listing.

"There are many products of the same model on the platform, about dozens of which have been sold with FBA all the time, and the normal sales have not been affected." The seller said with doubts.

After the seller communicated with the customer service, the customer service said that his product had been recognized as a toy, replica or similar product of firearms by the platform.

At present, the seller has little to do because the uploaded product will not be passed, but the competitor can sell normally.

Many other sellers and insiders pay attention to the seller's experience

A seller thinks that it may be that the product security issue review was triggered, or it may be that the policy of selling prohibited goods was triggered. The specific solution needs to see Amazon's warning email before proceeding to the next appeal.

"I have encountered the same problem before. The main problem is to delete the words with guns in the listing, then open a case and provide a real picture of the product for appeal. The whole appeal cycle is about two weeks," said a seller.

Another person in the industry said that if the simulated guns sold by the seller are especially similar to the real guns, they will definitely be limited by the platform.

Moreover, not only Amazon sellers will be restricted, but Wal Mart sellers will also be restricted, which is related to the strengthening of gun control policies in the United States in recent years.

So, why is the toy gun sold by the seller deleted by Amazon?

In fact, in the past feedback from domestic sellers, it can be seen that this time the toy gun was banned by Amazon, which is not the first time. Many sellers have been recruited before.

In 2015, Amazon was exposed to severe sanctions against several illegal toy sellers such as Nerf Blasters, marshmallow broadcasters and super soaper.

At present, Amazon has adopted a stricter audit policy for this "dangerous product", which is more difficult for sellers who want to sell such products.

However, although Amazon has increased its platform supervision, there are many third-party sellers of the platform, and some sellers may not be affected.

In general, before selling products, the seller must be clear about the site and regional policies to avoid disputes.

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