Amazon Japan Station sellers sell masks! Three SKUs have been discontinued one after another!


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Seagoing Information Amazon Japan Station sellers sell masks! Three SKUs have been discontinued one after another!

Recently, a seller reported that he had been selling masks in Amazon Japan for a week, but three SKUs were stopped selling on the platform one after another.

It is understood that the seller left a "Request for Sales Approval" button on the FBA inventory page.

However, after the seller clicks this button, the following reminder appears:

Amazon does not allow sellers to sell second-hand, refurbished, collectibles, medical equipment and personal care products and equipment.

After that, the seller immediately opened a case to communicate with Amazon customer service. However, the customer service told him to take the mask off the shelf or sell it on other platforms.

In this regard, one other seller believed that it should be judged by Amazon to sell epidemic prevention products. Sales of such products on the platform must be reviewed by Amazon before they can be sold.

He also said that he had sold such products in the United States before, but he gave up because the category review would cost a lot of money.

Another seller said that if there was any reserved funds in the shop, they should take them out immediately, and the account number for selling epidemic prevention materials would rarely appeal back.

"Generally, if the seller sells masks in Japan, Amazon will judge them as epidemic prevention materials, and the store will also be frozen. This seller is lucky, but he just took some SKUs off the shelves." An insider said.

He also pointed out that before the store was closed, the store funds should be taken out, which did not rule out the possibility of freezing the funds after the store was closed.

Take Amazon America as an example, the seller must pay attention to the following matters if he wants to sell masks:

oneSellers who want to sell masks and other anti epidemic materials in Amazon America must first go through the platform category review.

twoThe masks sold by the seller must be provided by suppliers with compliance qualifications.

three sellerIt is required to obtain the Certificate for Business Filing of Class II Medical Devices.

four Sellers need to provide FDA related certification for their products.

Of course, if the seller enters different sites, different sites have different policies and regulations on the seller's sales of anti epidemic materials such as masks, and the seller needs to understand them in advance.

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