What are Amazon's advertising skills?


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What are Amazon's advertising skills for cross-border information?

There are two or three million active sellers on Amazon, with numerous products and many same models. Therefore, advertising is the most direct and effective way to increase product exposure, but some techniques need to be used to maximize the effect of advertising activities.

1. Select manual advertising and test automatic advertising

Like other advertising platforms, advertising in Amazon's website should also be controlled as much as possible. This is the best. It allows sellers to make the most cost-effective business decisions.

Of course, automatic advertising can also be useful in some situations, such as keyword research. By creatingAutomatic advertising, the seller can test the market, andFind out what search terms people use to find sellers' products or similar products.

The initial steps for setting up automatic advertising are similar to manual advertising, except for "advertising mode".

Automatic advertising should be treated as a "test" and operated with the lowest budget to avoid wasting money.

After the automatic advertisement runs for a few days, you can view the results, find the search terms used by the target consumer group, and then,Add these search terms to the manual advertising.

However, the strategy of using automatic advertising to find keywords cannot replace the conventional keyword research strategy, such as usingGoogle PlannerOr Keyword.io. tool studies keywords. On the contrary, it should be used to further optimize keyword research results.

2. Use matching type

If familiarGoogle AdWordsThe concept of "using matching types" is easy to understand.

Amazon advertising is similar to Google AdWords in that it uses extensive, phrase, precise or negative matching types to optimize advertising. The goal is to use these matching types in combination, so as to ultra accurately target consumer groups and reach consumers with the strongest purchase intention.

If the extensive matching type is used, the seller can capture the widest range of consumer groups, and words can be added to the front, middle or back of the target keywords. This is the matching type with the lowest accuracy, but it is useful for the initial stage of advertising and for finding new keywords.

For example, the seller's keyword is makeup bag, and product ads will appear on the search results page of green makeup bag, big bag for makeup, and makeup bag for travel.

If you use the phrase matching type, you can narrow the scope of search results. Words are usually added before or after the target keyword, and can contain misspellings or plurals.

Taking the above keyword makeup bag as an example, product ads will appear on the search results page for such words as ping makeup bag and makeup bag for kids, but the seller keyword is a whole, and the words in it will not be separated.

Exact matching, as the name implies, is the most restrictive type of matching. Consumers use the wrong spelling or plural of a keyword to display product advertisements containing the keyword, but each word in the seller's keyword cannot be separated, nor can other words be added.

3. Ensure that the target keywords are in the product listing

Whether it is natural traffic or paid traffic, they all have one thing in common, that is, they provide the best user experience. For the platform, the best way is to display the results related to consumer search. Therefore, Amazon generally does not display advertisements that do not seem to be related to its landing page.

What are the advertising skills of Seagoing Amazon?

To avoid this, the seller needs to add target keywords on the product listing details page to prove that the product listings are related to the corresponding advertisement.

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