Loss of 150000 yuan! Where is Amazon Seller's Road?


Author:Lu Xueping
Source: ennews

Under the turmoil of Amazon, sellers with a single layout are walking on thin ice. Sellers have already understood the principle that eggs cannot be put in one basket and have chosen to operate through multiple channels. The layout of independent websites has become one of the key development strategies for many sellers, but how to operate traffic, select products, and the differences in platform rules all pose huge challenges for sellers


loss150000 yuan, Amazon sellers face difficulties in transitioning


Amazon has transformed into an independent website and has already lost 150000 yuan. I hope to learn a lesson for myself, "said a seller on social media.


In fact, after experiencing a major cross-border earthquake, many sellers have chosen to transform into independent websites. However, Amazon's transformation into an independent website is not an easy task. Many sellers choose to use Amazon's conventional gameplay to establish independent websites, but ultimately end up with nothing left


Independent websites are really not easy to do. My advertising budget tripled in August, and sales increased by 40%, "said a seller. The seller also stated that they spent a lot of money on advertising, but the order just couldn't fly, like a struggling Adoo. In addition,The cost of obtaining traffic from independent stations is too highMany sellers roast that they were stupidBurn it500 dollars, but it didn't make a ripple.


Some sellers have expressed that it is not for no reason that independent websites are difficult to do,Setting up a long line to catch big fish is a great way to describe an independent website. Compared to Amazon, products from independent websites are more suitableB-end, because they have a precise customer base and require time and brand accumulation,That's why many sellers hold ontoThe idea of "moving Amazon's products to an independent website to place orders" ultimately resulted in no orders being placed.


The mindset of being an independent website is not the same as that of Amazon, "sighed many transformational sellers, who stated that being an Amazon is just a sales mindset. After customers place an order, they are happy with each other's preferences;Being an independent website is somewhat of a lifelong service mindset, requiring long-term maintenance of customer relationships and ultimately achieving the goal of increasing customer repurchase rates.


What is the secret to successful transformation of sellers from Amazon to multiple platforms?


For many sellers who want to rely on multi-channel operations to reduce risk, traffic acquisition and operation are urgent challenges that need to be solved when transforming into independent stations. However, nowadays, many sellers still face high cost pressures.


Due to issues such as port congestion, delayed shipping schedules, and tight space, many shipping companies have announced the suspension of flights, especially the large-scale suspension of US routes, which has led to a rise in logistics prices for both companies, especially the breakthrough in air freight80 yuan/kg, coupled with high costs of raw materials, ultimately leading to increased costs for sellers.


Under multiple effects, it is not easy for cross-border sellers to transform into multi-channel operating sellers. The editor learned thatPayoneerPai An Ying ZaiOfficially launched on November 30thBrand Ark Seller Takeoff Plan, with a whopping 18 million industry subsidiesAssist Chinese brands in going global on multiple platforms and independent platforms, reduce the threshold for sellers to go global, and achieve industry prosperity and win-win situation.


This event mainly focuses onThe focus is on the "Blue Ocean Platform Brand Sailing Accelerator" and the "Independent Station Leap Plan", among whichIndependent Station Leap PlanFor high-quality China-Chic brand&Category boutique retail platform,stayJoint strong industrial resourcesSimultaneouslyFrom brand positioningSail Away OperationsflowCapital flow, etcMultiple aspectsLower the threshold and accelerate the brand/The platform is steadily taking off,Payoneer Paianying also collaborates with four independent websites, Shopify, Shoplazza, Funpinpin, and Meshop, to provide sellers with 0 withdrawal fees and exclusive Google website acceleration package resources, helping them enjoy official resources and traffic dividends.


Except for independent stations,China-Chic brand can alsoadoptBlue Ocean Platform AcceleratorfastobtainExploring sea channels and providing resources for traffic assistance,andCollaborate with globally selected leading or emerging third-party platforms from various regionsIncubation operations,asEBay, Walmart, Shopee, Joom, eMAG, etc.


For more benefits details, please refer to the poster below, or click on the QR code to add a customer manager to learn!


Cross border overseas loss of 150000 yuan! Where is Amazon Seller's Road?


In addition,The "2021 Fourth Global Cross border E-Commerce Festival" will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Province from December 11 to December 13, 2021. Payoneer Paianying will arrange a special event to go to the sea to discuss the hot spots and pain points of China-Chic brand with big sellers and platforms. Sellers who are interested can click to read the original text and participate in the event!

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