The epidemic situation is blocked, and the number of parcels in Australia is soaring!


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

With the arrival of the holiday shopping season, the number of online packages in Australia is experiencing a surge, which is expected to break the record again this year.


Due to the nationwide epidemic blockade, Australia Post onlyIn October, 5.7 million families were recorded shopping online. This figure has increased by nearly 15% over the previous year.AustraliaCommunication Minister Paul Fletcher said the blockade led to the number of packages"Explosive growth"。 Last yearIn December, Australia Post handled 52 million packages, and this year, this record may be set again.


In response to the surge in parcels during Christmas and holidays, Australia Post will take a series of measures, including extending working hours, adding distribution centers, chartering additional planes and trucks, and recruiting drivers and workers.


Australia Post said it would launch an after dark delivery service and extend transaction hours to cope with the busiest Christmas period ever. Among them, Melbourne and Perth will launch delivery at dusk, other cities will improve their morning delivery capacity at peak hours, and weekend delivery is being carried out all over the country. It will alsoThe opening hours of more than 380 post offices nationwide have been extended since November 27.


In addition, Australia Post will open a new distribution center in Sydney, which covers an area of20000 square meters, which can handle more than 100000 parcels per day, making the total processing capacity of Australia Post in New South Wales reach nearly 1.5 million parcels per day.


In the past four months, Australia Post hashandle's online shoppingpackageDelivery increased year on year59%, handling more than 4.7 million packages every week.


This year, NSW residents are more likely than any other state orregionThey prefer online shopping. In the past four months, nearly40% is conducted in this stateCEO Paul GrahamstaystatementChinese theory


According to the prediction of relevant institutions,By the end of the yearThe revenue of e-commerce market in Australia will exceedUS $31.5 billion (43.7 billionAustraliaYuan),AndCompared with 2020,increase29%。

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