Which country does Amazon store well, and which one do individual sellers and enterprise sellers choose?


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
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Which country does Amazon do well in opening cross-border stores? Which one does individual sellers and enterprise sellers choose?

Amazon stores are aimed at users all over the world, whether in countries or sites. North America, Europe, Asia and so on. Sellers can open stores as long as they choose the right site. America, Britain, Canada, Japan and so on. There are many sites. Today we will talk aboutAmazonOpen a shopWhich country can do it well.

It is believed that people in different countries have different shopping habits, customs, purchasing power and market demand, so the sales trend of products is different. Some products may be popular, some are unsalable, and different countries are different. Products that sell well in the United States may not sell well in India.

Amazon opened shopThe stations are basically divided into three categories. North America stations include America, Canada and Mexico; Asia Station includes Japan Station, India Station, Australia Station, Singapore Station and Middle East Station; Europe includes France, England, Italy, Germany, Spain and Holland.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that, generally speaking, the U.S., Japan and Canada stations are the preferred sites for sellers, because these sites are economically developed and have a large number of users. For example, products that sell well in the United States are generally popular in Canada, and the sales of products continue to grow.

As an Amazon seller,Amazon opened shopFirst of all, we should understand the shopping habits of people in the country where the store is located, and whether there is a market for the products. We should do a good job in research and selection. If the product selection is not good, no matter how much effort we make later, it will be in vain. Even if the promotion may not work, it will bring a large backlog of goods and financial trouble to the seller.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter which site Amazon is building, it should do a good job in logistics and deliver goods to users in a timely manner, so that there will be no more after-sales and bad reviews, and Amazon stores will become better and better.

AmazonOpen a shopThere are individual sellers and enterprise sellers. It is recommended to register an enterprise seller. After all, under the same conditions, enterprise sellers have many advantages. They can participate in Amazon's second kill and promotion activities, as well as seize gold shopping carts. Participation in Amazon's zero plan and transparency plan can drive away the following sales, which will be a great help for creating their own brands in the future.

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