How to choose the two FBA tags of Amazon? Can I replace it


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How to choose Amazon's two FBA labels for cross-border e-commerce logistics? Can I replace it

Amazon FBA label is divided into "manufacturer barcode" and "Amazon barcode"(FNSKU)”Two.

As the name implies, the manufacturer's barcode is the code provided by the product manufacturer, that isGTIN code(It may be UPC code or EAN code). It does not need to be labeled separately, saving a lot of tedious work and money.

Amazon barcode is another unique code for Amazon FBA inventory, which makes it easier for sellers to distinguish their own inventory from other sellers' inventory of the same product.

How to choose the two FBA tags of b2b Amazon? Can I replace it

Which code should the seller choose?

If the seller has a choice (that is, not to sell external products, products with limited use dates, etc.), it can determine which barcode to use according to the business, category size, whether there is a fake problem, or whether there are other unauthorized sellers selling.

If Amazon FNSKU barcode is used, the seller will certainly be able to better control the inventory placed in Amazon warehouse, but this will cause additional costs or work.

How to choose Amazon's two FBA labels for cross-border e-commerce logistics? Can I replace it

How to set the FBA label after selecting it?

After selecting which barcode to use, you need to set the FBA label in Amazon.

Remember, before creating a new product offer, you should set aside 24 hours to wait for the system to update the FBA label settings.

The FBA label is set as follows:

1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central account

2. Go to Settings>Fulfillment by Amazon

3. Find FBA Product Barcode Preference

4. Select the FBA tag type and apply it to the entire Amazon sales account

5. Click Update or Save to update and save

How do I change the FBA label?

There are two cases.

1. Change to Amazon FNSKU barcode

Blueocean Yiguan learned that the settings are only changed through the "Settings" page of the Amazon account, and the barcode type of the existing active listings is generally not changed.

In other words, if the seller wants to change the FBA label of the product (from the manufacturer's barcode) to the FNSKU barcode, he can only create a new product offer, and select the barcode type when creating it.

However, one exception is that this product listing is brand new. It has never been delivered to Amazon warehouse before, and there is no inventory on the way to Amazon warehouse at present.

2. Change to manufacturer's barcode

Similarly, the listing of this product must be brand new. It has never been delivered to the Amazon warehouse before, and currently there is no inventory on the way to the Amazon warehouse, so the listing can change the FBA label.

Therefore, there are two ways to change the product's FBA label (from Amazon FNSKU barcode) to the manufacturer's barcode:

a. Active product offers that have never been sent to the FBA inventory can be directly changed to the manufacturer's barcode

b. If the inventory has been sent to Amazon warehouse, or a batch of goods is on the way to Amazon warehouse, the product offer cannot be directly changed to the manufacturer's barcode, and a new product offer needs to be created

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