Do you make money by opening a shop in Amazon Canada? How to add listing


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Is it profitable to open a shop in Amazon Canada? How to add listing

CanadaThe population of is aboutU.S.A10%, soAmazon SellerSelling any product in Canada may increase sales by 10%.

However,Amazon Canada StationAlmost all of the products on theUSA StationMuch less, so actual sales can increase by 10% to 20%. Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned thatAmazonThere were 2823 search results for "Wood Cutting Board" on the US station, but only 462 on Amazon Canada station.

Does b2b make money by opening stores in Amazon Canada? How to add listing

As Amazon Canada is more and more popular with Canadians, the competition will gradually become fierce. For this reason, if the seller wants to expand to Canada one day, it is now time to accumulate the evaluation and ranking of the Canadian station and gain the first mover advantage.

stayAmazon Canada StationAnother advantage of online sales is that sellers can use multi-channel logistics to send Canadian orders on the website directly from Canada to Canadians (sellers cannot use international ordersMCF)。 This avoids tariffs and long transit times, and will reduce the time spent on transport.

The sales tax process in Canada is also much simpler than that in the United States. Canada has a harmonized sales tax, which means that most places only levy one tax.

1、 HowListing the US stationadd toTo Canada Station

Because Amazon now hasUnified North AmericanUnified North American accountssellerIt's easy to get fromUSA StationandCanada StationTransfer goods. commentalsoWill be transferred.

The easiest way is to use Inventorystock”Add a Product option in the menu, and then add an existing ASIN.

Is it profitable to open a shop in Amazon Canada? How to add listing

By default, Amazon preloadssellerExistingFive point description, description and picture.

If necessary,Amazon SellerEditableFive point descriptionAnd description. However, ifThe seller wantsChange the image,needUse the country specific image upload manager.

In addition.In 2019, Amazon launched aNorth AmericaLogistics remote distributionNorth America Remote FulfillmentIs also known asNARF

If the seller joins the program, the products in the U.SShow onIn Canada, Canadians can buy directly.Amazon ships products from the United States to CanadaandHandling transportation, taxes and dutiesetc.aspect,meanwhileCollect from buyerrelevantcost.

Does Seagoing Information make money by opening a shop in Amazon Canada? How to add listing

thisalsoIt is a disadvantage of NARFIt adds additional costs to customers, andPackage deliveryIs much longer than the actual inventory stored in Canada.According to EcomcrewActual delivery of inventory to CanadaUse NARFofSales are typically 90% or more lower

IIsellerA common misconception about doing business in Canada

1. AboutPayment of Canadian personal income tax

Generally, the income earned by the seller in Canada will be exempted through tax treaty (assuming that the seller has no permanent organization in Canada). Canadians do business in the United States on the contrary, but they need to verify their tax obligations with accountants. However, once the seller has exceeded a certain threshold of sales, he must pay sales tax.

2. About CanadaProduct regulations for

Canadian product safety requirements, labels, etc. are usually very similar to those in the United States. However, the seller should still consult the customs broker to understand any possible import requirements.

In addition, Canada has a large number of French people, especially in Quebec. According to the law, all mandatory label information, except the dealer's name and address, is displayed in English and French. This usually includes product name and net quantity/measurement information. Instructions for use, promotional/marketing statements do not have to appear in French.

This information is not usually checked at the time of import, and Ecomcrew reports that many self label sellers do not comply with these labeling requirements.

3. AboutCanadian bank account

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,stayAmazon CanadaFor online sales, the seller can continue to use the American bank account. Amazon will simply convert the funds into dollars (usually requiring about 3.5% commission). It is unnecessary to set up a Canadian bank account.

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