Black Five Logistics Speed Survey: OnBuy has the fastest delivery speed!


Author:Zeng Xuening
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The Black Five War has just ended, and many consumers have also received their purchases one after another. According to the intelligence providerTamebayofThe latest reports are available on AmazonEBay and OnBuy e-commerce platforms purchased 15 packages and tested their logistics speed.


The current results show that,OnBuy was not only the first to ship, but also the first product to be delivered.This package is delivered through Herm è s logistics company, and the delivery time from placing the order to receiving the goods is less than24 hours; The second package delivered was also from OnBuy, but Amazon was responsible for logistics delivery; The third package to arrive is from Amazon, which is also handled by Amazon Logistics; On Buy, the package delivered by Royal Mail was the fourth to arrive.


Based on the data in the table, it can be seen that,OnBuy's package was delivered an average of 4.75 days earlier than the promised delivery time.


Cross border e-commerce platform Heiwu logistics speed survey: OnBuy has the fastest delivery speed!


When shopping online, in addition to the sales process, consumers also value the logistics and delivery process. Shipping speed and logistics delivery speed are also key factors for consumers to decide whether to purchase in the store.


In order to improve delivery efficiency, especially during the year-end shopping promotion, consumers should receive the goods as soon as possible. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon also strive to optimize logistics and delivery services as much as possible.


According to the logistics companyMWPV LInternationalofThe latest news is that Amazon has opened a450 new delivery stations to handle and deliver goods.Currently, Amazon's delivery sites in the United States have reachedMore than 930.


Amazon CFOBrian OlsavskyDisclosure,It is expected that Amazon will add new products by the end of the year30 distribution centers can store approximately 3 million items. And these sites are probably located in densely populated areas such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington D.C., improving local parcel storage and delivery efficiency.


andOnBuy has previously announced cooperation with international logistics service providersEasyshipEstablish a cooperative relationship to provide platform sellers with omnichannel cross-border delivery and other capabilities. Merchants throughEasyshipofFunction to handle any domestic and international orders, improving order processing efficiency.


Although Amazon is at the forefront of global e-commerce platforms. But in the UKOnBuy has currently accumulated over 7000 merchants and over 36 million products, with a focus on the global market.In addition, the delivery speed and logistics delivery efficiency have also performed well, and they have also received good reviews from buyers, indicating a promising future.

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