Taking off with Tik Tok, Haiwai Home Furnishing Brand Gets Millions of Financing


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently,Overseas Home Furnishing BrandNewme announces completion of millionsdollarAngel round financingLed by the sole capital, and invested by Qingying Venture Capital.This round of financing will be used for supply chain research and development and management, brand building and other businesses.


Although there have been many troubles in the cross-border circle this year, there are still some companies that have overcome difficulties and gained capital support. According to data from NetEase, this yearFrom January toNovember 24th,Domestic export cross-border e-commerce has occurred in total17 investment and financing events, total financing amountexceed7.16 billion yuan, involving companies such as OnePro, POVISON, Jihai Technology, Wudi Industry, Gandu Auto Parts, CiderPAtPAt, TYMO, Orange Italy Sail Away, Full Volume Full Speed, WOOK, Lilysilk, Fine Carvingas well asCUPSHE.


And the latest financing involvesNewme,Attributable toShanghai Nimi Network Technology.andOneProSimilarly, this company is also relatively young. Last yearNovemberOnly recently established, team members have previously worked inCompanies such as JD, Tencent, and MicrosoftI have served before, andCo founder with ten years of experience in internet and retailandBrand entrepreneurship experience.


Currently,NewmeThe products sold mainly include kitchen supplies, bedroom supplies, bathroom supplies, toys, jewelry, etc,Customer unit pricestay30-100USD, targeting the European and American markets,Currently, the main focus isofSales channels include independent stationsandTikTok store,The Amazon channel is currently in preparation.


Stand independently this yearGo live in March. According to Newme co founder Gu Jun, the website's monthly GMV growth has exceeded 100% month on month since its launch.


as forTikTok,yesNewme is currently the main traffic channel.Newme onTikTokThere are approximately104600, with a single video playback volume of tens of thousands or even 100000.

 Taking off with Tik Tok, Haiwai Home Furnishing Brand Gets Millions of Financing

Recently,TikTok officially announced that the global number of monthly active users has exceeded 1 billion. This has excited a lot of insiders. I believe many sellers have laid out this new traffic channel in advance, especially after TikTok gradually opened its live streaming and sales function this year.


Newme stated that the new audience and new scene on the TikTok platform will lead to the emergence of new product categories. According to Newme's survey, over 30% of people have never bought anything on Amazon, which is known as the 'new crowd'. The 'new scene' refers to the reinterpretation of a product through video and live streaming, although many products have been sold on Amazon for a long time.


Many surveys now also show that an increasing number of European and American people areTik Tok is seen as a platform for finding shopping inspiration, but so far, Tik Tok has not yet formed a large-scale shopping atmosphere. However, a seller who has already settled in Tik Tok's UK small store said, "The first batch of people who ate crabs will step in the pit and need patience, but I think it's worth betting

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