Are sellers easy to bully? The buyer's malicious claim is rejected and still requests a refund


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

The issue of returns and exchanges has always been an important reason for disputes between sellers and buyers, especially when it comes to malicious returns and exchanges, which can make sellers feel overwhelmed. The case of receiving product swapping and returning substandard products is even more common in seller feedback, and often one can only consider themselves unlucky.


Recently, a seller shared their wonderful experience again,The buyer claimed that they did not receive the package and submitted itAZ's claim, which was determined by Amazon to be supported by photos of the package being received upon opening the door, was therefore rejected by Amazon,In this case, the claim is made outside of policy, or we have detected that the customer's activity violates our policy

Are B2B sellers easy to bully? The buyer's malicious claim is rejected and still requests a refund


Nevertheless, the buyer continues to demand a refund from the seller.The seller is unsure what to do with this situation, as the buyer has placed three orders and now this is the first package they have received. If they do not accept a refund request this time, the seller is worried that they will still receive such unreasonable demands for the next two orders, and even retaliate with negative feedback.


Sellers in the comment section have expressed their opinions one after another, many of whom support sellers in safeguarding their rights and have already defended one through AmazonAZ claims and also continues to defend the other two.


sellerA: The refund is completely incorrect because Amazon supports you on AZ,And there is a greater possibility of standing on your side for the next claim,So there's no reason to refund. In this situation, the fraudulent activity of claims being rejected will only intensify in Amazon's eyes, and they are more likely to ban buyers rather than sellers.


sellerB: If you refund now, the scammer may think that you will also return the other two packages, and the result may be even worse.


sellerC: If you show the scammer that you are an easy target, they will eventually try this strategy again against you or other sellers. Once they succeed, they will spread the news, making us vulnerable to such scumbags.


Malicious refunds and returns cannot be tolerated, and sellers should take various measures to protect their rights and interests when encountering such situations.

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