Novice column | Optimize these 10 details, and increase the store traffic by 50%!


Author:Blue Ocean Yiguan
Source: egainnews

01Store loading speed optimization

1. Speed measuring tool

Google speed measuring tool:




2. Tips for improving website loading speed

Lossless compressed pictures

Lossless compression of images accounts for more than 70% of the website's memory. The size of images directly affects the website's access speed.You can use tools to compress pictures (such as )Compressing the images and then uploading them can help improve the access speed of the store.

Text optimization

The default language of the browser or system should be used as much as possible. If other languages are used and the consumer's computer does not have this language, the system will replace this language with the default language. In this process, the loading speed of the website will be affected, and the layout may be disordered.

Multimedia processing

Short videos can be replaced with GIF dynamic images or compressed videos. The video format can be converted to MP4 or HTML format, so that the content occupied by the video can be effectively reduced.

02Optimize customer experience

1. Store theme

The store theme of AllValue should conform to the product characteristics. For example, for men's clothing, the theme color of the store should match men and clothing.

When using the store template to create a site, you also need to make adjustments according to different places. For example, the color of buttons, navigation and footer can be adjusted according to the logo color, so that you can achieve a higher visual unity.

Cross border e-commerce platform novice column | Optimize these 10 details, and increase store traffic by 50%!

2. Commodity materials

When shopping online, consumers first see the pictures of the goods, and then decide whether to buy after they are interested in the goods or scenes displayed in the pictures. No matter how beautiful your products are, if the materials are not attractive enough, users may not buy your products.

3. Discount

Discount activities can effectively improve the stay time of consumers and transform it. Businesses can promote according to the characteristics of goods and festivals, so that users can stay more on the website.

4. Policy Terms

Overseas consumers are more related to policy terms, payment terms, logistics terms and other related content, so we should try our best to improve these aspects when building stores, which also helps to enhance the trust and security of the website.

03Increase the trust of visitors

From the perspective of consumers, if you shop on a website that has never purchased goods, what will you pay attention to?

The authenticity of the website, the evaluation of goods, online customer service and after-sales rules are what we can think of. I believe overseas consumers will also pay attention to these.

1. Authenticity of website

When we visit a website, if the URL bar shows that it is not secure, it will persuade most consumers. In order to solve the security problem of the website, AllValue has configured SSL certificates for all websites set up in AllValue, which is often referred to as https secure websites.

2. Commodity evaluation

Evaluation is a place that customers pay more attention to when buying. If you don't know the website and the product well enough, you may first check the product's evaluation. In addition to the positive evaluation, many businesses will also look at the negative evaluation. If a product has more favorable comments, consumers will also have a sense of trust in the product.

AllValue has a product evaluation application in the background. We can use this application to add product evaluations. During the new store period, if your product has accumulated some evaluations on the platform, you can copy those evaluations or invite existing consumers to evaluate.

3. Online customer service

No matter what products you sell on the website, you must pay attention to online customer service. You can use the Facebook Messenger application to achieve online customer service in the store, or you can use the Messenger robot to automatically answer some basic questions to improve the efficiency of online customer service.

4. Footer

How to show that our website protects consumer privacy, after-sales, payment and other information? This information can enhance the sense of trust for consumers. We can increase the credibility of the website by adding this content to the footer and displaying it to consumers in the footer.

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