DTC Q3, a major brand of American footwear, increased by 33% to US $62.7 million!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

According to the latest news, American footwearDTC BrandAllbirds TuesdayexpresshisRevenue in the third quarter increased compared with last yearHas33%butIts loss expansionThe main reason isThe cost of opening a store and listing causes its performanceHaspressure


It is reported that,sectiontoNet loss for the three months ended September 30alreadyFrom a year agoUS $7 millionper shareThe loss of 13 cents expanded to 13.8 million dollarsper share25 cents.


AllbirdsofSales from a year ago$47.2 million increased to $62.7 million, year-on-yearIncreased33%The company said its revenue increased in two years40%。 The companyCo Founder and CEOJoey Zwillinger said that the companyfromI saw it in the American storeConsumers also have a high evaluation of the growth opportunities.

DTC Q3, a major brand of cross-border e-commerce footwear in the United States, increased by 33% to US $62.7 million!

Pictures fromAllbirdsOfficial website

It is understood that,Allbirds has been expanding its product range,No longer limited toWool sneakers.at presentsaleofFootwear includes running shoes, cross-country shoes and high top shoes.In addition,The companystillHe said that he would continue to increase more clothing products,To attract more buyers.


Allbirds is also investing in storeshowever,Since its establishment, its business has mainly developed online.2020The brandabout89% of revenueFrom line


At present,The publicDivision inQ3At the endalreadyhave31 retail stores, including those outside the United StatesAllbirds previously said that its physical storesIt is small.



Selling, general and administrative expenses of Allbirdsreach33 million US dollars, accounting forhere we areIncome52.6%, compared with 42.5% in 2020. Allbirds said that for fiscal year 2021, net income should increase by 23% to 24% over the same period last year, reaching $270 million to $272 million.


Last month, the brand was also reported to have suffered a large loss. After going public, it seems not as smooth as expected. abroadThere are many DTC brands, butAllbirdsBut stood out among many brandsIn 3 years, it has become a "unicorn" enterprise from an online celebrity brand, which has attracted everyone's attention.However, after the listing of the company, how to go in the future and how to go more steadily are important issues to be considered next.

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