In 2021, Amazon's black fifth network has broken records repeatedly, and the global third-party sellers have contributed more than half


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December 2021oneShanghai, Japan - Amazon on 2021year"Black Friday" and "Online Monday" (hereinafter referred to as "Black Friday Online One")Sales during the period reached a record again. Including Chinese sellers, global third-party sellers dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises contributed more than half ofsales volume。 Since this yearone0Since the start of the holiday shopping season in August, Amazon has delivered billions of packages to consumers around the world. During the period of "Black Five Networks", home furnishing, toys and clothingAnd other categories are the most popular in the world.For many Chinese sellers, the promotion of sales through Black Five has also improved brand awareness.


Yan Chen, director of international cross-border e-commerce of Covos Robotics Co., Ltd., introduced that Covos has developed a comprehensive strategy for the Black Five, and has made a combination of off site marketing and on site promotion. In addition to mature Amazon sites, Covos has laid out Amazon Australia, India, the Middle East and other emerging sites in advance,Overall sales compared with last yearalsoSubstantial growth.Good products can bringgoodexperienceExcellent product quality and popular brand stories can improve brand awareness.”Yan Chen said.


Yikalai Technology focuses on the design, production and sales of clothing accessories and rain gear, and its brandsAnntrue "from 2017JustStart selling on AmazonYes."This year, the black five networks and one network,Year on year growth of Japan stationtwo hundred and forty-eight%, the US station grew year on yearone hundred and twenty-five%”General ManagerMonkSay, AmazonBlack FiveNet1Not onlyHelp brandIncrease salesalsoGreatly increasedBrand awareness"Branding is the trend in the future. When building a brand, we will focus on quality, brand culture and service to make our products more specialized and add more brand elements to the product design."


Shang BaiGlobegroup has operated in the home textile industry for many years, and its home textile brandsBedsureSince this year, the business growth in Amazon Europe has been obvious, especially in the Netherlands. Speaking of the Black Friday this year,Head of Bedsure EuropeClay said, "This year, BedsureThe sales of the brand during the Black Five period broke through5 million 475 thousand and 600USD, with year-on-year growth42.5%”Through Amazon's official tools, they have gained a lot of support in consumer data analysis and brand analysis, and made breakthroughs in product optimization and innovation. "To make more creative design and concept products available on Amazon, BedsureOn the basis of the original brand departmenttwo022An independent European brand department was established in order to better operate the brand.”Clay said.


Brand building is a long-term plan of Lehang Technology Co., Ltd. Company brandsLefan,It has laid out Amazon's European, American and Japanese sites, andIt has invested in independent research and development for a long time, launched innovative products, and createdRecords"Sales volume increased by 200%, againcreateThe best result in history!”According to Nicolas, the company's e-commerce director, from August, they began to fully prepare the black five inventory and deliver goods to Amazon warehouse in an orderly manner. In order to maintain the brand growth, we also purchased Amazon advertising services to let more users know about the Lefant brand.


Main yoga matdumbbellShanxi Xinhe Industrial Co., Ltd., which produces sports products such astwo019Year and2020partjoinAmazon Europe andJapan Authorized Brand ProjectDuring the Black Five Festival last year, their product sales were much higher than expected, and some products were even sold out. This year, they came here prepared for the Black Five Festival."During the Black Five Year Plan this year, the sales of our main products reached the normal level8 times!”Wang Ruoyang, the general manager of the company, said that they had prepared the inventory very early and reported such activities as the treasure of Zhendian and Seckill. In his opinion,Europe and Japan stillIt has great potential.


For sellers engaged in cross-border business procurement, Amazon's black five websites are also an opportunity to impact sales. Meishuo Technology was once a contract manufacturer for foreign welding machine brandsOEM manufacturers, two years ago, launched Amazon Enterprise Purchase, created their own brand "YesWeld", and provided standard professional welding products for enterprise buyers. Eugene, the head of the company's welding division, said“The North American site participated in the Black Friday on the same day7-day sales promotion and member exclusive discount and other activities have broken the sales againRecords, year-on-year growth253%, of which orders from corporate buyers increased by 314% year on year. "


In fact, Amazon provided all-round support for sellers' preparations in the peak season before the beginning of Blacktop 5 this year. For example, Amazon has extended its sea express service to more cities and regions in southern China, such as Shenzhen Yantian, to help sellers deliver and replenish goods at a lower cost and faster speed. Because of this service, the express service from China to West America is faster than the standard shipping timeThe cost is also lower than air transportation and express delivery. At the same time, Amazon also increased its storage capacity to receive more than last year's30% - 40% of the goods, relieving the seller's inventory pressure.


In addition, the Amazon team also uses WeChat, live broadcast and other methods familiar to Chinese sellers to provide knowledge sharing such as preparing dry goods and seller experience to help sellers prepare for the "black five networks and one network".


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