Refresh the record! Russia's black five online shopping sales reached 85.7 billion rubles


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

With the end of the Black Five War, the black five sales results of various countries have also been announced. Although there is no big splash in the achievements of the Black Friday of the United States this year,But in RussiaSales records of the same period within 5 years.


According to the Association of Internet Trade Companies(AKIT) reported that in the three days of Black Friday promotion, the total consumption of Russians was about 85.7 billion rubles, 2.2 times that of last year, and created a new sales record.


AKIT emphasized that according to the current data and observation, it can be seen that Russians have formed the habit of purchasing various goods online, and have enough trust in online shopping and its promotion activities.


FinTechYuMoneyThe latest data has also been released, and online payment in Black Five Russia has increased this year66%, the turnover increased by 73%, and the number of payers increased by 76%.It reflects that Russian consumers still show high enthusiasm for consumption under the epidemic situation.


In addition to the growth in the number of consumers and sales, the number of sellers has also increased this year.Anton Rumaintsev, Head of Financial Data OperatorAnton Rumyantsev)expressNearly300000 entrepreneurs showed their goods in the market, 100000 more than last year, and they prefer to carry out sales and other businesses on the Internet.


according toOFD.ruofAnalysis, this yearSo far in January, the online registration of entrepreneurs has increased by 73%; Limited liability companies increased by 29%; The number of other sellers increased by 139%. This shows that many enterprise sellers have expectations for the Russian market.


In terms of consumer goods, clothing and footwear became the "Black Five" in Russia this year"Sales champion", which accounts for 30% of total online sales. And last year's Black Five, electronics and household appliances were the first.


Secondly, the sales ranking is household and summer products, electronic products and household appliances, children's food and commodities, which have achieved good sales results in this year's Black Fifth Middle School. Among them, clothing, footwear and food increased the most, reachingA growth rate of about 3 times.


AKIT also found in the survey that the consumption of jewelry this year is also optimistic, and some sales can reach 5-6 times growth.


In addition to commodities, Russians have actively purchased online services in Black Five Middle School, such as training courses, gift certificates, concerts and theaters, sports events, film tickets, etc. Expenditures on such goods reach33.5 billion rubles. This shows that Russian consumers also attach great importance to spiritual consumption.

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