How to print and paste Amazon FBA labels? What requirements should be met?


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How to print and paste Amazon FBA labels for cross-border shipping? What requirements should be met?

Amazon FBA LabelIt is divided into manufacturer barcode andAmazon FNSKU code。 The manufacturer's barcode is inherently available and does not need to be printed. This article focuses on the printing and pasting of Amazon FNSKU code.

First of all, there are three main elements of the FNSKU tag.

The first is the FNSKU code, which is used by Amazon warehouse to identify a single product of a specific ASIN.

Second, product name.

Third, the product status is mainly described as "New" and "Used".

How to print and paste the FBA label of cross-border e-commerce Amazon? What requirements should be met?

How to print Amazon FNSKU code?

oneLog in to the Amazon Seller Central background with the seller's account

twoGo to the Inventory>Manage FBA
Inventory page

threeBrowse the product catalog to find the product you want to post Amazon FNSKU code

fourClick the "Edit" button on the right of the corresponding product

fiveIn the pull-down menu, click "Print item labels"

sixClick "Paper/Ticker Type", and then select the preference (i.e. FBA label type)

sevenAfter that, click "Print Item Labels"

Blueocean Yiguan learned that Amazon will automatically generate FNSKU code for the seller. The seller needs to consider the size of the FBA tag.

Amazon offers some standard options:

Per pagetwenty-oneLabels: on A4 paper, the size of one label is 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm

24 labels per page: on A4 paper, the size of a label is 63.5 mm x 33.9 mm, or 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm, or 64.6 mm x 33.8 mm, or 66.0 mm x 33.9 mm, or 70.0 mm x 36.0 mm, or 70.0 mm x 37.0 mm

27 labels per page: on A4 paper, the size of one label is 63.5 mm x 29.6 mm

30 labels per page: on A4 paper, the size of one label is 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm

40 labels per page: one label is 1 inch x 25/8 inch on American letter paper

44 labels per page: on A4 paper, the size of one label is 48.5 mm x 25.4 mm

How to print and paste the Amazon FBA label on the cross-border e-commerce platform? What requirements should be met?

Requirements for printers and printing paper

oneThermal printers are the best because all the seller's tools are optimized for thermal printers. Of course, laser printers are also acceptable, but do not use inkjet printers

twoPrint resolution of at least 300 dpi

threeThe printer may try to zoom the PDF printing area by default. To avoid this, set the printer zoom to "None" or "100%"

fourThe printer should be cleaned regularly and the use effect should be tested regularly

fiveUse white, non reflective printing paper

sixBarcodes must be printed in black ink

sevenIt is better to use peelable adhesive, so it is convenient for consumers to remove the label after receiving the goods

How to paste Amazon FNSKU code?

Paste Amazon FNSKU code, or FBA label, instead of simply pasting it on the box and sending it out.

Amazon requires sellers to "correctly" label, so that its warehouse staff can scan the barcode above and quickly handle the inventory warehousing process.

In a word, the seller should pay special attention to meet the following requirements when labeling:

oneThe new label should effectively cover all other barcodes, only this label can be scanned (unless it is a transparent planned product sequence code)

twoStick the label on a flat surface without seams, curves or corners

threeThe edge of the label should be at least 0.25 inches from the edge of the package, do not coincide exactly

fourEach product in each package must have an Amazon FNSKU code

In a word, before sending FBA packages to Amazon warehouse, it is better to check whether the labeling is standard, and find errors in time, and solve them as soon as they are found, otherwise, it will be troublesome and expensive to re label because of incorrect labeling.

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