Yiguan Express | Exceed Amazon! Shopee becomes the world's first e-commerce app


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Cross border E-commerce Yiguan Express | Exceed Amazon! Shopee becomes the world's first e-commerce app

Exceed Amazon! Shopee becomes the world's first e-commerce app

According to the latest data from market research institute Apptopia, Amazon will fall to the fourth place in the world in the number of downloaded shopping applications in 2021, while last year Amazon ranked first in the list. The top three are Shopee, Chinese "fast fashion" leader Shein and Indian social e-commerce company Meesho.

In recent years, Shopee has been constantly expanding its international footprint, and has expanded to Europe and Latin America at one stroke. At present, Shopee has occupied a certain market share in the Latin American market.

Dunhuang strictly controls violations of product image information

oneOn April 4, it was reported that Dunhuang recently released a notice on violations of product image information (hereinafter referred to as the announcement).

The announcement shows that the platform will strictly control the violations of product image information in the near future. If the seller's product fails to pass the review and the violation reason is "the image information does not conform to the product information release specification, please upload the image in the correct format." Or the pictures in the product upload album are deleted, because the seller's pictures involve format or content violations, the platform will remove the product or delete the pictures.

South African e-commerce Jumia's payment system announced its entry into the Egyptian market

According to media reports, recently, South African e-commerce company Jumia announced that it would launch its payment system Jumia Pay in Egypt, which has been approved by the Central Bank of Egypt.

The sales volume of Russian e-commerce company Wildberry in 2021 exceeded 1 billion

According to foreign media reports, recently, Wildberry summarized the sales results in 2021, and its sales volume exceeded 1 billion pieces.

Among them, Wildberry sold 30 million T-shirts this year; 41 million toys were sold, including 4 million toys aged 18 and above, which is equivalent to the average 1-2 toys of Russian children from Wildberry; 15 million cans of cream have been sold, only half of which can meet the needs of the entire population of Belgium, the Czech Republic and Greece; The 180 million chocolates sold were also sufficient to meet the needs of Russia and several other neighbouring countries.

Tiktok E-commerce Releases Global Commodity Purchase Management Specification

twelveOn December 31, Tiktok E-Commerce released the Global Commodity Purchase Management Specification, which is a supplement to the "Global Commodity Purchase Platform Rules System" and is applicable to businesses operating cross-border import commodities on the platform. The latest revision will take effect on December 31, 2021.

Alibaba International Station takes three measures to provide convenience services for businesses in RCEP member countries

oneOn January 1, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) officially came into force. Alibaba International Station will provide convenience services for merchants in RCEP countries from three aspects.

They are as follows: First, buyers are differentiated, focusing on the fine operation of buyers after highlighting nationalization and different identity recognition. The industry supply will be adjusted to the "national" conditions, reducing the threshold and cost of buyers' purchase; Further open digital capabilities to help global suppliers do better global business; Second, the digitalization of business flow helps factories capture global business opportunities; Third, the digitalization of logistics and capital flow will enable the smooth implementation of cross-border trade.

KindleExit the Chinese market? Amazon response

oneOn April 4, some media reported that the Kindle product line in China was abnormal, the Kindle products in the official self run stores were out of stock in a large area, or the Amazon e-book business was about to withdraw from China.

Amazon said to the surging news: We are committed to serving Chinese consumers. Consumers can purchase Kindle devices through third-party online and offline retailers. Amazon's high-quality customer service and warranty service will not change. The Kindle e-book reader is popular with consumers, and some models are currently sold out in the Chinese market.

Information source: Sohu, NetECO, Surging News, etc

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