How to restore Amazon link?


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How to restore the link to Amazon to become a dog?

The Amazon link changes to a dog, which means that the listing details page cannot be found. Instead, it is a picture of a dog with the message "Sorry, we can't find this page, please try searching or go to the Amazon homepage".

How to restore the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon Link?

Amazon listing page becomes a dog, which is the same as the "404 error page" of other websites in nature.

If this page appears, the listing of the product has been removed,Amazon is investigating possible violations

That is to say, this product has been "restricted for sale",Consumers can neither see nor buy, resulting in loss of salesThe seller's inventory is also stuck in the Amazon warehouse until the problem is solved.

Blueocean Yiguan has learned that in the context of the epidemic, Amazon has strengthened its "enforcement" of illegal listing in order to enable consumers to receive authentic, fair priced and safe products.

In addition to viewing directly from the details page, the seller can alsoSeller CentralIn the background, we found whether any listing was restricted.

There is a special one in the background of Seller Central"Stranded Inventory"On the page, it shows the inventory "stored in the Amazon warehouse, but cannot be matched with the active listing", which becomes the stranded inventory.

How to restore the cross-border information Amazon link?

If the reason for the detention is "ASIN is restricted for sale", it means that the product is being investigated by Amazon for violating platform regulations.

How to restore the link of becoming a dog?

The best way is to contact the Amazon seller support team to understand the listing status, the reason why the page changes, and the measures to be taken. Because the seller support team has special tools that Amazon self-service does not provide.

If the seller determines that the listing under review is OK and everything complies with the platform regulations, the following steps are for the seller to try to restore the listing page:

1. Find the ASIN code of the removed product

2. Use Amazon's "Help" function,Contact Amazon customer support team, confirm the current status of product listing, and the measures and actions to be taken to solve the problem

3. Confirm that the seller complies with Amazon's sales policies

fourOrganize available information,Email to product-compliance@amazon.comThe contents of the email should include the product's ASIN code, SKU code, title, brief description, wording of the application for recovering the product listing, and the manufacturer's supporting documents (including UPC code and accurate product information, proving that the product is purchased from formal channels)

5. Wait for the Amazon product compliance team to review the seller's case, and if the other party needs other information, submit it as required

6. Confirm that the product listing has been restored and is active again on Amazon. com. Consumers can buy normally, and the product listing will not appear on the "stranded inventory" page

In short, the removal of product listing has a significant impact, which means that there is no sales volume of the product for the time being. We need to find Amazon's product compliance team to help solve the problem as soon as possible.

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