What requirements do sellers need to meet when selling Amazon beauty products


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What requirements do cross-border e-commerce logistics sellers need to meet when selling Amazon beauty products

According to eMarketer data, in 2018,CosmeticsyesAmazon BeautyAnd personal careAmazonOne of the fastest growing categories, second only to food and beverage and clothing accessories.

According to Sunkenstone, in the field of online retail,CosmeticsThis subdivision area was once very limited, but now it has shown a huge growth momentum, and the demand has grown in a short time. This is mainly due to the recent growth in social media marketing, websites, blog personalization and e-commerce platforms.

IWhat products on Amazon are classifiedbyBeautyproduct

Blue Ocean Yiguan has learned that,Amazon willBeautyproductIt is divided into the following subcategoriesItem:

oneSkin care


threeMake up

fourhair care

fiveOral Care


sevenTools and brushes

8. Men's beauty products

9. Beauty luxury

10.Salon & Spa

11.Professional Skin Care(Professional skin care

These special childrenCategory,It can help buyers and sellers understand what they are buying or selling, and makeuserThe search process is easier.

What requirements do cross-border e-commerce sellers need to meet when selling Amazon beauty products

IISell on AmazonBeautyProduct requirements

AmazonFor salesBeautyThe product requirements and restrictions are very strict. To sell cosmetics on Amazon,sellerThe following requirements must be met

oneMake sure that the cosmetics are sealed in the original manufacturer's packaginglower

twoEnsure that the product isall-new,Not used.

threeManufacturer or distributor on cosmetic packaging, toClearly display the identification code, i.e. matrix code, batch number and serial number.

fourLabel information required on the product

What requirements do b2b sellers need to meet when selling Amazon beauty products

stayCosmetic Label and Details PageThe following data shall be marked in English

(1)Product name

(2)Use of the product

(3)The internal capacity of cosmetics,Can beweight, meteringcount

(4)Composition table

(5)Name and address of manufacturer, packer or distributor

(6)Any necessary label warnings

(7)Unless approved by FDA,otherwiseCosmetic Label and Details PageIt is not allowed to declare that this product can cure, alleviate, treat or prevent human diseases.

(8)If cosmetics are not FDAApprovedOr use FDA logo, do not say they are "FDA Approved"

fiveAmazon banned cosmetics

Amazon expressly prohibits some cosmeticsSuch as corrective and cosmetic contact lensesLatisse(eyelash growth liquid)Obagi Nu-Derm SunfaderObagi Nu-Derm ClearObagi Nu-Derm BlenderObagi Nu-Dermetc.

IIISell on AmazonBeautyproductOK or not?

just asAs previously statedBeautyProducts, especially cosmetics, have shown great popularity in the past few years

That said, it is not easy to sell beauty products on Amazon, because in general, more than 90% of cosmetics are branded. The reason is that cosmetics are something involving chemicals and other experimental substances.

oneResearch is the key

Cosmetics need years of research and development, onlyCompanies with a lot of capital can afford it, so they spend a lot of money on marketing these products.

twoGood promotion and sales

extensionGood products always sell well. In general, people will buy big brand beauty products that have been tested. No one is willing to take risks to buy some unknown brandsproduct

According to Blue Ocean Yiguan,IfsellerThey have their own brand and used to sellBeautyProduct experience,BeautyThe products are likely to sell well and earn a lot of money. However, ifsellerWant to do retail arbitrage, consideringAmazonCosts, other expenses and profits involvedprobablyVery small.

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