Forecast of popular trends in 2022: these themes are popular


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Although the holiday shopping season has not yet ended, the sellers should start to prepare for next year. the near future,Etsy released the trend forecast for 2022.


Towards the end of the year,Etsy counted and analyzed the search data of platform users in the past three months. The prediction of the trend of fashion next year is given.


Annual popular color: emerald green


according toAccording to Etsy, emerald green symbolizes harmony, growth, nobility and elegance, and is a perfect color that can achieve balance in all aspects. Moreover, this hue can be coordinated with other popular colors, and can be easily integrated into the existing decoration.


Prediction of popular trends of e-commerce platforms in 2022: these themes are popular


The search volume of jadeite green products on Etsy increased by 64%, and the search volume of jadeite green ornaments increased by 60%.


Home trend: personalized lamps


individualizationLamps canIt is both functional and fashionable. Many people are already looking forincludeSculpture hangerlampreachmade of rattanWall lampInternalpersonalityChemical lamp


stayEtsy, 1970slamps and lanterns's search volume has increased344%And sculpture or decorationlamps and lanterns's search volume has increased27%Retrolamps and lanterns's search volume has also increased25%colourlamps and lanterns's search volume has increased22%。


Wedding activities: colorful colors


2022 will usher in a new wave of weddings, EtsySaid that new people like bright colorsAnd colorDistinctive patterns.


EtsyThe number of searches for colorful wedding items on the website has increased223%, because the newlyweds hope that from invitations to decorations, even their wedding dresses and suitscanattract sb.'s attention.


Pop punk revival


Pop punk inThe social media and music industry will be back in 2021.


Prediction of popular trends of e-commerce platforms in 2022: these themes are popular



stayOn Etsy, the search volume of spiked collars has increased by 879%, while vintage plaid clothes (up 48%), fishing net items (up 37%), rivet belts (up 34%) and silver jewelry (up 14%)The search volume of


Pop Punkpay attention toSelf expression, millennials andGeneration ZIs paying attention to this styleAnd add your own personal style.


Children's products: Dragon and mythical creatures


Etsy believes that strollers, toys and clothes with dragons, fairies and mythical creatures will continue to be popular in the coming year


stayEtsy,The search volume of fairy items has increased51%, the search volume of mythical creatures or beasts increased by 39%, and the number of dragon toys increased by 22%, which is still increasing.These elementsSuitable for allGender andage groupChildren.

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