How to judge the closure of Amazon account and how to write the letter of appeal


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How to judge if the cross-border information Amazon account is closed, and how to write the letter of appeal

There are many reasons for the closure of Amazon's account, such as product infringement, order swiping, sales fraud, etc., which may lead to the risk of the closure of the account. Today we will talk aboutAmazon account is blockedQuestion.

For Amazon sellers, every link in the Amazon store must be done well. If one is not careful, it may cause great losses to the store. Therefore, you cannot ignore the details to ensure that the Amazon account is not blocked.

How to judge if Amazon account is blocked


If an account is blocked in an Amazon store, first we need to check the situation, whether it is a mistake made by Amazon, whether it is true, whether it is a network problem, or an Amazon platform problem, and whether there is a bug.

According to the actual situation, we can solve the problem only by finding specific reasons.


Generally speaking, the Amazon account is blocked only when the seller violates Amazon rules and touches Amazon's red line. For example, the seller uses tools to swipe, review, and qa;

It involves infringement of product trademark, invention patent or outer package;

Account association;

The seller sells fake and inferior products;

Providing false information;

Or the sales volume of products increases abnormally, suddenly increases a lot, etc., which may be blocked.

What to do if Amazon account is blocked

When an account is closed, the seller will receive an email notification from Amazon. First, check the email carefully to understand the specific reason for being closed, and then retrieve the account through a letter of appeal.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that when writing a letter of complaint, they should first admit their mistakes and have a good attitude. They should not have any emotions or requests. It doesn't work at this time.

The complaint letter must clearly explain the reason for the closure of Amazon's account, propose solutions to the problem, and plan for the store in the future. It should be as detailed as possible to impress the staff. It would be better to attach a detailed plan list to the letter, and finally express the determination to withdraw the account urgently, and then ensure that the same mistakes will not be made in the future.

When writing the letter of appeal, whether it is aimed at the problem, or to solve the problem, or to plan for the future, it is better to use data statements to show that it is simple, clear, and persuasive, which can impress the staff more;

If the seller does violate Amazon's rules, such as infringement, if compensation is needed, it should be handled as quickly as possible and assume corresponding responsibilities, which is conducive to the rapid recovery of the account;

After you have written all the contents of the letter of appeal, you can send it by email to the account that received the email before, and then patiently wait for the resultIn a short time, there may be a reply in a day or two, and in a long time, it may take a week or more. At this time, the seller only has to wait for good news. If the appeal is not successful, he can still re appeal.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon accounts are blocked every year. As long as sellers abide by Amazon rules, follow the rules, do a good job in store work, and do not violate the rules, no account will be blocked.

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