300000 headphones urgently recalled! Available on multiple platforms in the United States


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Earphones are commonly used and last for a long time. If safety issues arise, the consequences can be very serious.On December 1st, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urgently recalled a wireless earphone.


The reason for this recall is that the product may overheat during charging or use, posing burns and fire hazards.CPSC indicates that,Received now61 reports of potential hazards related to the product, including 5 fire reports and 4 minor burn reports.


From the perspective of recall content, the recall code is22-023. The DE WALT Jobsite Pro wireless headphones recalled this time involve a large number of 301800 in total. The manufacturer codes included in this recall are D4 1910, D4 1912, D4 2003, D4 2004, D4 2006, D4 2009, D4 2011, D4 2012, D4 2101, D4 2103, etc.

300000 earphones for cross-border e-commerce have been urgently recalled! Available on multiple platforms in the United States


The notice also provides a reminder,Some products that do not contain the above codes are also included in the recall scope. It is reported that this earphone is available in the United StatesBoth Home Depot and Lowe's stores are available for sale at a price of $60. Similar products can also be found on Amazon, and consumers have varying opinions on such products.

300000 earphones have been urgently recalled for overseas news! Available on multiple platforms in the United States


Some consumers have expressed that the product works well, is sturdy and easy to wear, and has good sound quality. But some consumers also claim that the same product itselfIt took a long time to purchase from Home Depot, but it didn't take long to use what was purchased on Amazon.

300000 earphones for cross-border trips have been urgently recalled! Available on multiple platforms in the United States


Regarding this,CPSC reminds consumers to immediately stop using the wireless earphones, promptly contact the product importer, and return the product directly for free replacement. This product is made in China, and on the same day, a children's flashlight was recalled.


If a seller is selling related products, they should remove them from the shelves in a timely manner to avoid safety issues and unnecessary trouble for themselves.


During the peak consumer season,CPSC has also made important reminders on product safety compliance. Both sellers and buyers should pay attention.It is understood that in the United States in 2020 alone, the number of reports received due to toy issues reachedfifteenTen thousand.From the perspective of recalled products in recent years, they mainly involve toys, household goods, sports products, electronic devices, etc.

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