Attention Amazon sellers! The IPI assessment for the first quarter of 2022 will be postponed


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Yesterday afternoon, according to Amazon's official email message,The inventory performance index (IPI) assessment for the first quarter of 2022 will be postponed until mid December.

Pay attention to Amazon sellers on Seagoing Information! The IPI assessment for the first quarter of 2022 will be postponed

Amazon stated that in order to better reflect the seller'sThe business performance for the 2021 holiday season will be postponed to mid December for the first quarter of 2022 inventory performance index (IPI) assessment. In the future, please pay close attention to the relevant notifications on the IPI score check cycle and threshold on Amazon's official channels.


In the email, Amazon reiterated the new quarter'sIPI assessment requirements: Amazon will adjust the inventory and warehousing restrictions of sellers based on their historical IPI scores and available operational center capacity. Each quarter includes two assessments, as long asOne of the evaluation nodesSeller'sIf the IPI score meets the threshold of Amazon's inventory performance indicator, unlimited storage capacity can be enjoyed in the next quarter. Conversely, sellers will be subject to storage restrictions in the next quarter.


Currently, Amazon recommends sellers to score inventory performance indicatorsMaintain above the current threshold required by each site.Meanwhile, Amazon stated that sellers must be aware of the inventory performance indicator threshold of the site where their store is located to avoid affecting the storage capacity of the store.


How to improve the storeAccording to Amazon's official statement, sellers can optimize their inventory structure by increasing sales rates, removing unsold inventory, and repairing product information with no available information, in order to achieve the goal of improving their store's IPI score.


But currently, in addition to storage capacity and volume limitations, the maximum shipment quantity limit of a store has a greater impact on sellers. Many sellers have reported that even ifThe IPI score meets the requirements, but the maximum shipment quantity provided by Amazon is relatively small, soThe restrictions on restocking are still high.


Therefore, before the arrival of warehouse restrictions in the new quarter, sellers need to plan their store's inventory structure in advance and allocate corresponding inventory capacity based on the sales situation of each product. For products with poor performance, it is necessary to abandon them in a timely manner, or use channels such as promotions and Amazon's official clearance to handle them in a timely manner, in order to minimize losses as much as possible.

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