More than 50 ships lined up in Vancouver Port, Canada due to rainstorm and strike


Source: ennews

Recently, Vancouver Port in Canada hasexceed50 ships floating on the coast,Waiting for arrival and unloading. becauseIn mid November, British Columbia was hit by severe floods, and the area was cut off from several major roads and railways.


According to the New York Times, some major transportation routes have been reopened, while others are still recovering from landslides, which have destroyed the entire transportation network.


According to an American shipper's report, the port of Vancouver-The railway service of the Kamlups Line was temporarily restored over the weekend, but it was closed again due to the continuous rainstorm.


A spokesman for the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association said that as of Sunday, the company had51 ships are waiting at the port.


And on Monday, yesAheer transport and Prudential freight drivers, in order to obtain more health and dental benefits for the carrier, notified a 72 hour strike. It is expected thatThe port may face more delays in the future.


Truck drivers are organized by Canada's largest private sector unionOn behalf of Unifor, there were many drivers agreed by Aheer Transportation on Tuesday, but Prudential truck drivers still planned to strike. Of the 1700 truck drivers transporting goods from the port, about 120 are composed of one carrier.


"The Unifor model agreement in Vancouver container truck industry is fair and provides reasonable wages and benefits for drivers," said Jerry Dias, president of Unifor nationwide, in a press release. "Every shipping company in the port has no reason not to have signed."


In recent months, the critical role of truck drivers in the global supply chain has aroused public concern, as labor shortages may exacerbate the supply chain crisis before the holiday shopping season.


In the past year, due to the strong consumer demand, the port faced a record volume of cargo transportation. However, the port was constantly affected by extreme weather, and dozens of ships were overstocked due to summer wildfires and heat waves.


In addition to the traffic jam damaged by the flood and the workers' strike, the port congestion problem will continue in the near future.

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