What are Amazon's infringements and how to avoid them


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What are the infringements of Amazon at sea and how to avoid them

Whether it is online platforms or offline supermarkets, products often suffer from infringement, which will cause great losses to sellers, not only economic losses, but also some may directly close or close the store, which has a great impact. Today we will talk aboutAmazon infringementHow to deal with the problem? How should the seller deal with it.

Amazon is the big brother of cross-border e-commerce, facing users all over the world, with a huge number of hundreds of millions of users. Both sellers and buyers have a very good user group. For sellers, Amazon infringement is also a common occurrence, and Amazon has made great efforts to fight against infringement.

What are Amazon's infringements

Generally speaking, infringement is divided into trademark infringement, invention patent infringement, outer packaging design infringement, picture infringement, and copyright infringement, which are mainly divided into these aspects.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that no matter what kind of infringement happens to Amazon, sellers must avoid it to make the Amazon store better!

How to avoid infringement

As an Amazon seller, when launching a product, you should first inquire about the product, mainly including the trademark or patent. If you find that the product has a trademark or patent, you should stop purchasing this product in time, otherwise it will involve infringement.

You can also consult the supplier to find out in detail whether the product has patents or trademark rights. Generally, the supplier knows the product well. If the product involves trademarks, patents and external packaging, the seller should not consider making this product to avoid infringement.

Amazon sellers can also search for similar products, check the logo and trademark of the product, etc. In case of uncertainty, they can log on to the patent website for further query. Next, they should eliminate imitations, production or sales of imitations, which also belongs to the infringement of the original brand.

Co selling is very helpful to improve the exposure and click through rate of listing, as well as the conversion rate and order volume. Therefore, when selling, sellers must pay attention not to involve infringement, so as to achieve the effect of improving the conversion rate;

Also, when writing a listing, products with trademarks or logos should not be involved to avoid infringement.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that Amazon infringement generally occurs, most of which are following sales and listing. If sellers do not know about the products in time, or are unfamiliar with the products, infringement will occur.

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