What are the good ways for Amazon to clear the inventory and how effective is the bundled sales


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What are the good ways for Amazon to clear inventory on the cross-border e-commerce platform, and how effective is the bundled sales

For Amazon sellers, inventory shortage is a headache. Too much inventory overstock is also a worry. What should we do when there is too much inventory? Today, we will talk about Amazon inventory clearing.

There are many problems that cause excessive inventory, such as product quality problems, unsalable products caused by wrong selection,There is a problem with the listing page,Inconsistency between physical objects and images and other reasons will lead to excessive inventory.

What are the good ways for Amazon to clear inventory

1、Join the seckill promotion

Amazon Seckill has BD, LD, DOTD. LD allows sellers to register directly or apply through the investment manager. They can have high traffic in a short time, usually 4 to 6 hours;

BD can only be applied through the investment manager. The second kill time is two weeks and there is no cost;

The DOTD kill time is one day, and there is no charge. It can only be applied through the investment manager. It is also the best kind of kill, but few can apply;

Amazon inventory clearing sellers can choose the appropriate Seckill, and the effect is very good.

2、Bundle sales

Relevant products can be sold together, such as mobile phones with mobile phone shells, or hot selling products can drive unsalable products. Of course, the products must be relevant, not irrelevant, and the user experience is not good. It is also better to use this method to clear inventory.

Of course, there are also ways to buy one for free, give one for every three, and so on, which is also a good sales model.

3、Half price sale

You can find some foreign second-hand platforms to sell products at half price. For products with large discounts, the purchasing power of users is generally very good.

4、Look for deals discount website to sell

Deals website has a large number of users. Generally speaking, the effect of dealing with products through cooperation with websites and promotion is very good.

5、Offline clearing

There are many ways of offline inventory clearing. Sellers can contact large supermarkets or shopping malls, or similar companies in the form of group purchase, to do Amazon inventory clearing, and generally can also receive good results.

6、Destroy All

This is a last resort. Of course, every seller does not want to do this. For example, if the number of products is relatively small and the price is not high, the products cannot be shipped back, or if the transportation cost of large products is high and the price is much higher than the product price, they can consider destroying them. Let Amazon destroy them and pay a certain fee to Amazon.

Blueocean Yiguan reminds sellers that in the face of unsalable inventory, when Amazon clears the inventory, sellers should first put their minds in order to find out the reasons for the unsalable inventory, and then actively find ways to solve the problem by promoting half price sales and other ways to avoid excessive inventory.

Of course, the seller should also take a correct view on the issue of stock. Some overstocks are caused by too much stock, which must be avoided later.

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What are the good methods for Seagoing Information Amazon to clear inventory, and whether the bundled sales effect is good

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