Double the number of Shopee sellers! The Malaysian market is booming


Source: ennews

According to foreign media,With the increasing participation of SMEs in the digital economy, plus the epidemicConsumers' dependence on e-commerce during the periodnatureIncreasingly,this yearShopee Of online sellers more than doubled. 


it is reportedIn 2021, 80 local sellers who joined Shopee achieved sales of more than RM1 million by selling mobile phones and accessories, home and life, health and beauty products.  


SThe chief operating officer of hopee said that with the end of the platform in 2021, Malaysians will usher in a new year to adaptCurrent epidemic situationFor enterprises, it is more important than ever to go online to attract more online priority customers. 


He also said that,See this yearHasMore local traders and sellers have taken the first step online,And the cooperation between the seller and the platformjourney. 


Seller's achievements also prove e-commerceThe ability to create inclusive and sustainable livelihoods in a challenging business environment.SHope meansWe will continue to make efforts to help more local SMEs benefit from technology and enter the digital economy. 


At the same time, in order to thank the seller,Shopee launched more regional events, such as the # ShopeeSapotLokal program and the "Seller of the Month" competition.  


Through this initiative, traders can share their actions on social mediaShopee seller's journey. Winners of the competition will also benefit from the Shopee live feature, store coupons, Shopee advertising points and exclusive products.  


Other activities include providing free delivery vouchers for shoppers at the end of the year12.12 Promotions and Spin&Win Lucky Draw with Modern Kona Awards.  


"EveryEvery12.12 For promotion, Shopee will celebrate the milestones and achievements of the past year with shoppers, sellers and local communities.  


Shopee also cooperates with 12 non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, including Budimas Charitable Foundation, Hope Malaysia Welfare Association, Malaysia Islamic Aid Organization and MyKasih Foundation, to launch donation activities for the community through # ShopeeGivesBack.  


All the benefits of the initiative will be used to provide local rural and poor communities with necessities such as clean water, food and other basic facilities.

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