Kakao of South Korea acquired Grip, a social e-commerce company, to expand the field of live delivery!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

According to insiders, South KoreaKakaoIn order to strengthen the company's online shopping businessWith a price of 180 billion won, we purchased the live broadcast e-commerce platformGripabout50% of the shares.


As one of the most popular chat software in South Korea, Kakao Talk's online shopping business has always been the weakest link. Kakao Group will cooperate with Grip recently, not only to strengthen its development in e-commerce business, but also hopes to expand the field of live video delivery with Grip's advantages.


Kakao said in the statement that Kakao will create a live broadcast e-commerce ecosystem that can be used by anyone, help small businesses expand their customer base at home and abroad, and combine the real-time streaming media function with existing Messenger products.


Grip was founded in 2018 and launched the first e-commerce live broadcast platform in South Korea in 2019. More than 10,000 registered users sold products to audiences through live broadcast. As of the end of November, the total trading volume of Grip applications was about 100 billion won.


Like New World duty-free storesAK department stores and GS25 convenience stores are all partners of Grip. More than 200 live broadcasts are held on Grip every day, accumulating many users and diverting many consumers to the platform to become new registered users.


The platform provides various functions to promote interaction and communication between sellers and audiences.Grip provides enterprises with real-time business tools, enabling enterprises to use this function in their own applications or websites.


latelyGrip through the cooperation with Japanese e-commerce platformQ10 Japan cooperationEnter the Japanese market. And it plans to enter the American market in the first half of next year.


In recent years, the live delivery service in South Korea has made great progress. Korea's largest search siteNAVER also launched the live broadcast service last year, allowing businesses registered on the website's shopping platform to use this live broadcast function.As of this yearIn July, the total trading volume obtained through the live broadcast business was about 250 billion won, and the total viewing times were 350 million.


In addition, South Korea's e-commerce market has developed rapidly in recent years, becoming the fifth largest e-commerce market in the world and one of the countries with the highest online shopping penetration rate in the world.


According to relevant data, the most popular Chinese goods among Korean consumers are clothing, shoes and hats33%;Next are home appliances and electronic products, including28%; Daily necessities and stationery ranked third, accounting for 12%.


Kyobo Securitiesestimate,The live broadcast market in South Korea will be worth about 28000 won in 2021, and will grow to 10 trillion won in 2023.


Due to the fierce competition in the Korean e-commerce market, Chinese sellers can seize the opportunity, give full play to their own advantages, strictly control the quality of goods, and improve the logistics speed to provide consumers with all-round quality services.

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