EBay empowers auto and motorcycle parts sellers to find opportunities in the blue ocean: launch 2022 auto and motorcycle parts strategic categories and launch in Spain's emerging markets


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

December 8, 2021, Shanghai – eBay is one of the largest online automobile and motorcycle parts trading markets in the world. China's automobile and motorcycle parts products and brands reach more than 200 countries and markets through eBay exports. According to the demand of terminal buyers in the European and American markets, eBay, in combination with the advantages of China's supply chain, released the strategic category of eBay auto and motorcycle accessories to the sea in 2022, and selected 300 auto and motorcycle accessories subcategories to help Chinese sellers find the first opportunity in the blue ocean market of overseas auto and motorcycle wiring. In addition, eBay will also increase support for Spanish sites in emerging markets of auto and motorcycle parts, and launch multiple activities, including exclusive brand marketing, full category transaction fee incentives, and logistics support, to help sellers expand the Spanish market.


Pang Tao, general manager of category management of eBay International Cross border Trade Business Department, said: "The global automotive 'aftermarket' contains trillions of dollars of business opportunities. Chinese auto and motorcycle parts with high quality and beautiful prices are favored by more and more European and American buyers overseas. We hope that sellers will provide more high-quality Chinese auto and motorcycle parts to overseas consumers under the guidance of strategic categories and with the help of market support policies."


In 2022, eBay auto and motorcycle parts will have six series and 300 sub categories


fromFrom April 2020 to September 2021, just one and a half years later, eBay Mygarage (my garage) shows that the new car ownership of eBay auto and motorcycle parts buyers has increased by nearly 100%, and the huge growth of car ownership has brought huge demand for spare parts to the eBay platform. In order to help sellers grasp the trend and plan the export of auto and motorcycle parts in 2022 in advance, the eBay category management team, combining the terminal demand of European and American auto and motorcycle parts markets and the advantages of China's auto and motorcycle parts manufacturing and supply chain, solemnly released the strategic category of eBay auto and motorcycle parts in 2022, covering six product series, 300 sub categories, and seven major eBay auto and motorcycle parts markets in the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Italy, France and Spain.


The 300 strategic categories cover all core categories of eBay auto and motorcycle parts: auto and truck parts, motorcycle parts, ship parts, ATV UTV parts, snowmobile parts, auto tools and equipment. At the same time, eBay will provide promotional support including transaction fee incentives for these strategic categories.


Auto and truck parts, yesThe largest business demand segment of eBay auto and motorcycle accessories. With the rapid increase in the proportion of online purchases in Europe and the United States, we expect that the share of automobile and motorcycle wiring in 2021 will increase by more than 50% compared with 2019. Among them, the selected sub strategic categories include: tire hubs, brake discs, car seats, engine parts, clutch parts, and some suspension system categories. China made tire hubs, brake discs and other categories have huge supply chain advantages. In combination with eBay's promotional incentive policies, Chinese sellers will take the lead in this category of sales.


Motorcycle refitting culture is deeply rooted in Europe and the United States. The epidemic has given home consumers more time to decorate their cars, soEBay has selected motorcycle tires, engine parts, electrical products and other sub categories into the 2022 strategic category of auto and motorcycle parts. In addition, recreational vehicles and private ships are mobile "homes" for many European and American travel enthusiasts, and this mobile "home" should be well decorated. Trailer products of recreational vehicles and campers, impeller components of private ships, hull parts, ignition and starting systems are all strategic categories worthy of attention.


In recent years, quite a few car owners have started to playATV all terrain vehicles can enjoy the fun of ATV on the beach and in the hills. A large proportion of these owners purchase auto parts for modification and maintenance through the eBay platform. In addition, due to the cold winter climate and snowfall, many parts of North America and Europe are covered by heavy snow, and the demand for snow truck parts is also very strong these years. When buyers buy the spare parts of all these models, the demand for special repair tools for automobile and motorcycle parts increases. Therefore, we also selected the following categories in the strategic category in 2022: ATV UTV tires and hubs, gearbox accessories, axle parts, shock absorbers and seats, brake parts, snowmobile engine parts, clutch parts, shock absorption and suspension products, automobile maintenance electric tools, lifters, tire disassemblers, cleaning and waxing tools.


Rewards for transaction fees and exclusive marketing activities help sellers expand in Spain's emerging markets


SpainOne of the seven key markets covered by eBay's auto and motorcycle parts strategic category is also a treasure market of auto and motorcycle parts that needs to be developed urgently. The pleasant climate, long history and mature road traffic make this country a paradise for self driving. Spain has more than 28 million cars, ranking fifth among continental European countries. At the same time, the penetration rate of Spanish e-commerce is growing rapidly. eBay data shows that from 2019 to 2021, the average annual growth rate of such categories as automotive ECU trip computers, heater parts, suspension system control arms, and transmission shafts exported to Spain by Chinese sellers exceeded 100%. During the first period of the Black Five Network this year, the sales of automotive diagnostic instruments exported by Chinese sellers to Spain increased by more than 800% compared with the same period last year. These high growth categories show the strong potential of the Spanish automobile and motorcycle wiring market, as well as the huge opportunities for high-quality automobile and motorcycle accessories in China.


In order to help sellers seize opportunities in Spain's emerging markets,In 2022, eBay will provide multiple supports to sellers to help them fully develop the Spanish auto and motorcycle parts market:

EBay will promote the promotion of "China's exclusive brand" on a large scale on the Spanish site, such as participating in the promotion activities such as daily eBay sales, eBay coupon events, and the promotion of home page items.

EBay will create an independent brand marketing page for the brand of the Spanish website to help sellers quickly establish brand influence in Spain, more effectively undertake and transform traffic, and quickly improve the sales of the Spanish website.

EBay will provide more in-depth transaction fee incentive support to the full range of auto and motorcycle parts in the Spanish market, including but not limited to the following key categories: automobile headlamp and tail lamp assembly, steering and suspension system products, fuel injection system products, bumpers and reinforcements, and exterior rear-view mirrors. Due to the rapid increase of e-commerce share in automobile and motorcycle wiring in Spain, these categories are not only the most important categories in the traditional automobile and motorcycle parts market, but also the leaders of online demand. During the epidemic, we observed that a large number of professional buyers and car owners purchased lights, suspension and other products through eBay to modify their cars, thus improving their performance and image. These key categories are also the ones with manufacturing advantages in China's auto and motorcycle parts. We believe that their demand will grow rapidly at eBay's Spanish site.


adoptWith the launch of 2022eBay's strategic category of auto and motorcycle parts and the multiple support of the platform, eBay expects that these carefully selected categories will bring huge growth to Chinese sellers in the future. We believe that Chinese sellers have broad opportunities to expand the global market by virtue of the increasingly mature cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, as well as the manufacturing of high-quality Chinese auto and motorcycle accessories. We look forward to more Chinese auto and motorcycle accessories sellers joining the ranks of cross-border e-commerce.

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