What to do if Amazon suddenly runs out of goods? How to remedy it in time


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What to do if Amazon suddenly runs out of goods in cross-border e-commerce logistics, and how to remedy it in a timely manner

It is difficult for sellers to master the sales volume of Amazon. Maybe the sales volume of a product is very small in the first half of the year, or a product is sold out within a few days after it is launchedAmazon suddenly runs out of goodsIf there is a peak sales season, sudden out of stock is a nightmare for sellers.

Of course, there are many factors that determine product sales. The best way for sellers is to manage inventory in time to avoid more out of stock phenomena, so as to ensure the normal increase of product sales.

First of all, we should know that there are many reasons for Amazon's sudden stock out, such as insufficient stock, too fast sales growth, or limited replenishment.

If the products are suddenly out of stock, it will have a great impact on the entire Amazon store. The listing ranking will certainly decline, and it will also affect the weight of all aspects.

If the seller has also opened an in station advertisement, and if the replenishment is not timely, even if the replenishment is made later, the traffic brought by the advertisement is not as large as before, and the conversion rate is not as good as before, and the effect is not ideal.

When Amazon suddenly runs out of goods, Amazon will not distribute more traffic to the seller. The high-quality listing that the seller has worked hard to create may be surpassed or sold by other sellers. All the labor achievements can easily be taken away by others.

If Amazon suddenly runs out of goods, if the seller does not replenish the goods for a long time, not only the ranking will decline rapidly, but also the traffic and sales volume will drop sharply. It may take a long time to recover to the state before the stock runs out, or it may never recover to the state of good sales before.

What to do if Amazon suddenly runs out of goods

1、The seller can choose to replenish the goods in time throughUPS red order urgent delivery and timely replenishment, although the price is relatively expensive, can effectively avoid the risk of out of stock.

UPS express service, UPS express service and UPS express service are available. The seller selects the appropriate service according to the emergency.

2、If the price of the product is increased, the number of buyers will be relatively reduced, and the speed of stock out will also be slowed down. Of course, the price cannot be raised too high, which will affect the listing conversion rate.

Properly increase the product price, and obtain the same natural ranking with less sales. Although the sales volume is reduced, the original ranking of listing can also be maintained.

3、Suspend all seckill promotions. We all know that through Amazon's seckill activities and promotions, large waves of traffic can be generated, and the conversion rate is high. However, if you want to deal with the risk of sudden stock out, you may need to suspend or cancel the seckill activities to avoid greater harm caused by stock out.

Weigh the benefits, cancel or suspend in a timely manner, there will be no more clicks and exposure, and avoid out of stockThe listing ranking has a greater impact.

4、We all know that advertising on the site can bring a lot of traffic. If the products are running out of stock, we should reduce the advertising budget in time to reduce the source of traffic, and the order quantity will gradually decrease, reducing the harm caused by shortage.

Lanhaiyiguan reminds sellers that Amazon's sudden stock out has a great impact on the store. However, if you replenish the goods in time, you will reduce the loss. For example, reduce the advertising budget in the site, suspend or cancel the second kill. Try not to do it at the same time. You can do it one by one, otherwise it will cause greater impact.

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